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My presentation at mini IAD Trento 2014. In this presentation I give my definition of Agile. (spoiler: is not a based on a set of practices :)

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  • mini IAD Marco Trincardi - Trento 2014
  • About Me Marco Trincardi Agile Coach @ XPeppers ! marco.trincardi@xpeppers.com ! Twitter: @Trink0
  • What is Agile?
  • My Denition Business Driven Empirical Process (that shapes an) Organization Culture
  • Business Driven
  • Business is changing Steady Decline of Traditional Economy
  • Business has changed New economy model has emerged
  • Creative Economy "It exploits an Interconnected Costellation of technological innovations and brings to the marketplace drammatic reductions in cost, size, time and convenience" Steve Denning
  • Management "Coherent constellation of different principles in leadership and management has emerged"
  • Innovation Innovation is not an option: it's an imperative. The only question is how.
  • Destructive Innovation could be Destructive! (for Traditional Economy)
  • Focus Focus on whats really Valuable Engage Customer Less is more
  • Some Examples Electronic Payment Mobiles Messaging systems Cloud Startup Ecosystem Opensource
  • Whats needed A process and culture that enable Innovation
  • Empirical Process
  • Empirical Process The empirical model of process control provides and exercises control through frequent inspection and adaptation for processes that are imperfectly dened and generate unpredictable and unrepeatable outputs
  • Key principles Few simple starting rules Inspect the outcome Adapt the process Do it Frequently
  • Scientic Method A method or procedure consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modication of hypotheses Oxford English Dictionary
  • Learning Process software development is a discovery and a learning process Steve Blank
  • Creativity Innovation needs Creativity Learning leeds to Creativity
  • Creativity in software?
  • How we discover a model
  • How we design UX
  • How we write code
  • How we make systems comunicate
  • Organization Culture
  • Team Oriented The sum is more than the sum of its parts Aristotele
  • Whole Process People has a broad view on entire process and product
  • Empower People Create the condition to let people perform
  • Let Problems Emerge
  • Our Culture is based on Collaboration and Cultivation
  • Instead of Control & Roles
  • How we do it
  • How we Inspect Generate feedback, and collect data Let the problems emerge
  • Feedback Loop Planning BusinessCode
  • Code Test Driven Development Continuous Integration Acceptance Criteria
  • Plan Short Iteration Flow Based Process Metrics
  • Business Business Metrics Customer Involvement
  • How we Adapt Iteration Plan Retrospective Continuous Improvement
  • Iteration Plan Change Priority Change Scope Change Time Change Budget
  • Retrospective We discover action to be implemented Process Technical Business And We measure the outcome
  • Continuous Improvement Adopt well known practices Ex: Standup meeting
  • Continuous Improvement Create new practice based on your needs Ex: Continuos Delivery
  • Continuous Improvement Drop no more useful practices Ex: no estimate
  • Agile is more than a set of practices
  • Agile is a Culture
  • Be Agile!
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