WHAT IS A SUPERPOWER? SUPERPOWER GEOGRAPHIES To know what a superpower is To be able to suggest and...

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Transcript of WHAT IS A SUPERPOWER? SUPERPOWER GEOGRAPHIES To know what a superpower is To be able to suggest and...

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Slide 2 WHAT IS A SUPERPOWER? SUPERPOWER GEOGRAPHIES To know what a superpower is To be able to suggest and justify criteria for becoming a superpower Slide 3 Superpower Geographies 1. Superpower Geographies a) Defining superpowers b) Influencing power c) Changing patterns of power d) Theories explaining the growth of superpowers Slide 4 Starter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44YZkikRGB0&feature =related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44YZkikRGB0&feature =related Watch this music video What is happening? How is this linked to the idea of superpowers? Slide 5 Background Power both economic and political is not evenly distributed Some nations and people have a disproportionate influence over decision making Other nations and people have very limited influence Some nations gain power over time, whilst others lose it By consequence, the geography of power has changed over time and continues to change Slide 6 What is a superpower? With a partner discuss what you think a superpower is Try to come up with a definition Slide 7 What is a superpower The term superpower was first used during WW2 to refer to the USA, USSR and the British empire A superpower is a nation which is able to project its power and influence anywhere in the world. It is a dominant global force. Slide 8 Who are the superpowers Using the cards, decide which nations are superpowers How does this change over time? Slide 9 Who are superpowers? True superpowers are rare because they demand such huge resources However, global superpowers have changed over time Sort your chosen superpowers in three groups Superpower Former Superpower Emerging Superpower Slide 10 What makes a superpower? Draw a spider diagram of what you think makes a superpower Criteria for defining a superpower Slide 11 Each territorys size on the map is drawn according to its land area SIZE How might size be included in the criteria for a superpower? Slide 12 Size Countries with a large land area are important because they: Tend to have greater natural resources Extend influence over a larger number of neighbours Russia has a very large land area with enormous volumes of natural resources. Further, it has 14 neighbours over whom it is able to extend varying degrees of influence Slide 13 A map showing the proportion of worldwide population relative to territory size POPULATION Why might population be included in the criteria for a superpower? Slide 14 Population Countries with a large population are seen as important because: Economic growth cannot be sustained without sufficient number of workers e.g. UK Cheap workers can help to promote economic growth e.g. China and India Larger populations encourage economic growth through markets e.g. EU However, some countries have managed to promote significant economic growth without a large population e.g. Singapore Slide 15 A map showing the proportion of worldwide fuel imports relative to territory size RESOURCES Why is access to resources a criteria for superpower? Slide 16 Resources Countries with resources necessary for economic development should hold significant power e.g. Russia gas; Middle East oil However, countries with significant resources are not necessarily powerful because: Exporting raw materials adds little value e.g. Australia iron ore TNCs control large volumes of resources e.g. BP - Nigeria Slide 17 A map showing the proportion of armed forces personnel relative to territory size MILITARY INDICATORS Why is military strength a criteria for superpower? Slide 18 Military Indicators Countries with a large military may be viewed to be more powerful e.g. India However, the type of weapons owned is also representative of power i.e. Countries in possession of nuclear weapons: USA, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea, (Israel) Slide 19 Territory size shows proportion of worldwide GDP to be produced there in 2015 ECONOMIC INDICATORS Why is economic strength a criteria for superpower? Slide 20 Economic Indicators Countries with the largest economies have a significant influence over global economies In 2007, the worlds 12 largest economies were: USAChinaIndiaJapan CanadaBrazilUKFrance SpainGermanyItalyRussia Between these countries they: Earn around 2/3 of world GDP Control investment Use the worlds most powerful currencies ($, and ) Determine economic policies which affect the globe In addition, the G20 group (countries with the 19 largest economies plus the EU) influence the global economy and control aid to LEDCs Slide 21 What forms of power are there? 1. 2. 3. 4. Slide 22 What forms of power are there? 1. MILITARY in todays world this essentially means access to nuclear weapons. Although it also includes the ability to watch the world 2. ECONOMIC wealth allows nations to import and export goods and power 3. CULUTRAL projection of a particular way of life and cultural values 4. GEOGRAPHIC refers to the sphere of influence a county has Slide 23 What forms of power are there? Of the four which do you think is the most crucial to a superpower Are they linked?