What is a poster session?

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  • 1. What is a Poster session? Why? And examples

2. Weekly meetings at the Royal Society started in 1660See the story of Henry Cavendish on wikipedia 3. Solvay Conference : Brussels 1911 (Radiation and the Quanta) 4. Solvay Conference : Brussels Oct1927 (Electrons and Photons) 5. August 198110 days 380 pages 6. 6 international institutions 15 authorsannotated imageNo blocks of text 7. Missing images 8. Making a poster Absolutely all the required info is here http://www.ncsu.edu/project/posters/NewSite/ 9. Poster session subject of the poster in week 4 talsources All posters must be printed (21st century) A3 is OK less than 2 euros (price of A2???- use 2 A3) 10. Using power point to produce poster, change the page size from:To A3 paysage: 11. Use the option "guides" in power point to line up your text boxes / imagesLots of references on this page http://colinpurrington.com/tips/academic/posterdesignAnd pics here http://www.flickr.com/gro ups/368476@N21/pool/ 12. Poster Session Posters up in silence everyone goes round the room taking notes on posters and deciding questions to ask (5-10 mins) Students A stays with poster to answer questions, Student B goes round asking questions then swap. Drinks and biscuits 13. Bring your course-log with you to the poster session, and then send me the account of the poster session by email Reading exam date : Friday 14th March 17h30