What If Microsoft sold diapers!? MS Diapers!

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Transcript of What If Microsoft sold diapers!? MS Diapers!

MS Diaper

MS Diaperpresents

From the company which took Operating Systems from looking like this


Took Music Systems from here..

To here!!


The company which revolutionized how office work is done!

The MS Office

And brought to you the worlds first FREE Web Browser!!!

Is here to revolutionize the problems of the most unnoticed segment of the society

The Babies!

brings to you..The MS Diaper

We built a diaper that is zero leakage, ultimate dryness, ultimate comfort, with an underwear-like fit, says Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

Our scientists have invented a flexible, integrated circuit that can be embedded into a diaper. This thin sheet of organic sensor can transmit information to tell when the diaper needs changing.

The new technology is engineered to monitor wetness, temperature, pressure, and other factors and transmit these information DIRECTLY TO YOUR WINDOWS PHONE so caregivers will know when it's the right time to change.

Parents can use an accompanying app to scan the QR code on the outside of the diaper, which gives the coloured results of each test.

The MS Diaper might help parents learn about a urinary tract infection, dehydration, or a kidney condition, so they can then seek proper treatment as soon as possible.

The MS Diaper comes in various colors to match with your Windows Phones !

Automatically sends alerts directly to your Windows Phone when the baby is crying, using its inbuilt Microphone on the IC.

So that you can sing lullaby to your child and sing to him to sleep from wherever you are !!

Lets see what our satisfied customers have to say..

Microsoft Diapers changed my world!

Pooping now feels so relaxing!

Now I dont have to check again and again to change the diaper!MS Diaper is so stylish and advanced ! It feels like we are living in the 22nd century!I can talk to my baby from wherever I want!!

The MS Diaper comes in various versions :MS Diaper HomeMS Diaper Professional AndMS Diaper GOLD

MS Diaper gold features :

No need to wash the diaper ever!!Automatically converts all the organic waste into Electrical Energy!!

MS Diaper GOLd features :

Just bring any of your Windows Product within 1m radius of The Gold Diaper and it will CHARGE WIRELESSLY !!