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Transcript of What has Facebook ever done for Business (Roger Christie - Propel)

  • What has Facebook ever done for business?Roger Christie (Managing Director, Propel)@rogerchristie

  • How can we garner this sort of response from executives?


    Image: Yahoo

  • Image: Yahoo

    Stop talking about channels start talking about capabilities.


  • 1. Theyre just good for cat memes.2. Theyre only used by my teenagers.3. I dont need to hear about what

    someones having for lunch.


    Business leaders perceive social media as channels:

  • I became an ALDI lover when I tasted the first time.


    Understandable when they are influenced by industry discussion: risk

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    And media obsession with channels

    Facebook users surpass 1 billion. Microsoft acquires LinkedIn. Snapchat valued at $20b.

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    Image: South Park


    Its no wonder business leaders feel channels are the answer to success

  • @rogerchristie

    We need more likes.Surely the intern can do that.

    Have you heard about Snapchat? We should get on to that.I thought social media was free?

    Can someone put that on social media right now?Its only 140 characters, so it shouldnt take long to write.

    Why do you need more content? We have a TVC ready to go.Customers are saying negative things can you turn them off?


    But, it is because of these experiences we need to shift away from channels

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    Social media channels alone will not deliver business outcomes.

    Social capabilities will.


  • @rogerchristie10

    Social intelligence

    Social customer care

    Social media marketing Social sales

    Social production Social HR

    Real-time customer data

    and insights captured via

    online conversations.

    Responsive customer service solutions across technology and


    Targeted and responsive marketing solutions

    leveraging customer data.

    Customer lifecycle

    management using social data,

    tools and processes.

    Products and services

    developed and optimised by

    real-time customer data.

    Knowledge and talent

    management via social data, tools and processes.

    Social capabilities equip organisations to perform more effectively in the digital age

  • @rogerchristie11

    Social intelligence

    Social customer care

    Social media marketing Social sales

    Social production Social HR

    How much more precise and responsive

    would you be if finding

    prospective customers

    involved real-time information

    gathered, aggregated and analysed from

    social channels?

    How much more personalised and efficient would your

    service interactions be if

    you could manage multiple

    interactions at one time, in a channel many

    customers prefer?

    How much more targeted would

    your communications

    be if you drew on existing

    social customer data to reach people at the

    right time in the right place?

    How much more powerful would

    your sales conversations be if you had up to date prospect

    information and the ability to

    engage them in the forums, and with the content,

    they value?

    How much more relevant would your products

    and services be if you received, analysed and

    embedded customer

    feedback in updates or new product lines?

    How much more efficient would your workforce be if knowledge management was real-time,

    and client opportunities

    could be converted faster

    through crowdsourced


    Social capabilities improve all business functions rather than adding new channels

  • @rogerchristie12

    Social capabilities align initiatives with org. strategy and org. goals

  • @rogerchristie13

    How KLM delivers value through social capabilities

  • @rogerchristie14

    How QGov delivers value through social capabilities

  • What can you do to reset organisation expectations?1. Become intimately familiar with organisation goals, strategy and language2. Become intimately familiar with your customers and prospects3. Find a senior sponsor (or two)4. Define the role of social capabilities5. Build and execute your strategy


  • Questions?Roger ChristieManaging Director+61 431 718 018rchristie@propelgroup.com.au