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This is an excerpt of Dr. Corretjer's book available through Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle editions. The author researched students in fifth and sixth grades regarding their perceptions about homework. Dr. Corretjer surveyed and interviewed students in general education, in gifted and talented programs, English Language Learners and students in Special Education programs from different ethnic and social backgrounds. The results of this study are critical in the understanding of the common practice of homework and how it truly affects student achievement. Previous research in this area has been focused on the adults' perspective of homework. It is about time that we listen to the students, after all they are the ones who have to do homework. Listen to them! You will be surprised to find out they are not against homework!

Transcript of What English language learners have to say about

  • 1. What English Language Learners have to say about homework? An excerpt of Listen to me: An exploration of Students Voices Regarding Homework by Dr. Gladys Corretjer
  • 2. What word or words come to your mind when you hear the word homework? BORING! DANG! Feeling stress Wasted time Confusion I hate homework!
  • 3. In their own words!When any of my teachers says this is forhomework two thoughts come to my mind:Boring! And More homework.
  • 4. Why do you think your teachers assign homework? To see if we learned something in school. To help you understand the lesson.
  • 5. What sorts of things would you do if did not have to do homework? Play outside- 56% Read Watch TV Take care of my siblings
  • 6. Describe your homework Hard Challenging Boring Confusing Takes a lot of time
  • 7. What kind of homework would you like to have? Projects Art Fun Homework I can understand
  • 8. What kind of homework would you give your students, if you were a teacher? I will give my students some homework that we talked about during class for they can understand (6th grader) Homework they can understand (5th grader) Fun Easy At their level
  • 9. Things that are easy about homework When you understand it When you dont have a lot Depends on the subject
  • 10. Things that are hard about homework When you dont understand it Describing Explaining Challenging problems (math)
  • 11. Reasons for not completing homework Forgetfulness Lack of Understanding Homework is hard
  • 12. In their own words I always need help with my homework, but if my mom and my brother do understand my homework either, then I dont get do it.
  • 13. Reasons for completing their homework My education depends on it I need to get good grades
  • 14. Contact information If you are interested in what students have to say about homework you can go to www.amazon.comThe book has two editions: paperback Listen to me: Exploring Students Voices RegardingHomework and Kindle edition: Please listen to me! Listen to the students voices regarding homework You can contact me via email: dr.corretjer@gmail.com Thank you!