What do childrens books and prom dresses have in common?

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Slide 2 What do childrens books and prom dresses have in common? Slide 3 Project Second Life is a program that will empower youth to successfully organize the collection and redistribution of reusable items. Slide 4 Many everyday items that go in the landfill are reusable Collection drives provide an easy way for the community to give items a second life People are learning about recycling and composting, but reuse gets forgotten Environmental Impact Slide 5 Youth are passionate about serving, but need ideas Project SecondLife will provide information, ideas, and resources that will enable youth to execute their own collection drives Youth Empowerment Slide 6 Drives provide reusable items to receiving organizations that enable them to fulfill their mission School Supplies Linens and towels Bikes Prom Dresses Community Benefits Slide 7 Promote awareness of the benefits of reuse Create a website and toolkits to support collection drives Enable youth to run collection drives by utilizing our resources Our Approach Slide 8 Created a youth centered video to build energy around reuse, collection drives and Project SecondLife Awareness Slide 9 Slide 10 Created a youth presentation program to promote reuse, service and Project SecondLife Delivered the presentation to two school groups Bluff Creek Elementary St. Therese Catholic School Awareness Slide 11 Built the Project SecondLife Website Contains tools, checklists and resources to enable youth to run their own reuse drives Provides the ability to view and share past reuse drives through case studies and blogging An online community promoting the message of Reuse, Recycle, Recreate Find us at www.projectsecondlife.org Tools Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Slide 16 Slide 17 Guidance through expertise and toolkits Resources Physical space for sorting and processing Collection bins, boxes and sorting containers for collecting, sorting and the delivery of collected items Enabling Youth Slide 18 Scout Uniform Drive - Boy Scouts Troop 337 Linen and Towel Drive Girl Scout Troop 13928 Bike Drive Boy Scout Troop 337 School Supply Drive Excelsior Elementary School School Supply Drive Bluff Creek Elementary School School Supply Drive St. Therese Catholic School For more information, go to our website at: http://projectsecondlife.org/resources/reuse/secondlife-case- studies/ Collection Drives in Spring 2013 Slide 19 Reached 1250 students through school supply drives Reached 280 families through bike, boy scout uniform and linen drives Reached 100 students through our youth presentation program Impact Slide 20 Collected over 790 pounds of school supplies that were distributed to both local and global communities Collected over 1300 linens and towels that were distributed to local animal shelters and family support organizations Collected over 55 bicycles that were distributed to children and adults in our community Impact Slide 21 I was astounded by the amount donated for reuse. We had the students help collect and having the lobby as the main collection point allowed the students to see how much they had donated as well and I think they were surprised and proud. Rena, parent Excelsior Elementary The bins and paper boxes were definitely a big plus. Anna, teacher Bluff Creek Elementary Feedback Slide 22 Continue to expand our website Expand our collection of guides and checklists Add more ideas to our Recreate section Enable users to post their own case studies, photos and videos to share with others Add a calendar so that users can post the dates of their collection drives Extend our youth presentation program Create short instructional videos on how to run collection drives In the Future Slide 23 Inspiration We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb