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A Presentation By Marie Beshears

The Westboro Baptist Church was

founded in 1955 when Phelps moved to Topeka, Ks The Church was started in Phelps home and remains there today

Primitive Baptist

Calvinistic One has no bearing on his or her own

salvation Those who are saved are predestined by God

Phelps became a Baptist preacher at

age 17 He soon began protesting non-

Christian acts In 1964 Phelps earned his law degree

from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas

Phelps had trouble finding a judge to be

a character witness for him This caused him problems when he tried to join the Kansas Bar Association He bypassed this problem by finding other individuals to write letters of recommendation for him

In 1979 Phelps is permanently disbarred

by the Kansas Supreme Court He had harassed and sued a court reporter because she allegedly delivered a document late

The next year Phelps was suspended

from federal courts until 1982 as a result of the same case

In 1991 Phelps and the Westboro

Baptist Church make their biggest attack on gays They call this the Great Gage Park

Decency Drive This was the first of many pickets of a

public park commonly known as a gay meeting place

In 1991 the Westboro Baptist Church

started practicing their picketing campaigns outside of Kansas The Westboro Baptist Church and Phelps have been the reason for antifuneral picketing laws around the nation

The first big media stunt of the

Westboro Baptist Churchs picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepherd He was a gay student who was brutally

simply because he was gay The church was seen with signs reading God Hates Fags

The Church claims that America is being

punished for allowing gay lifestyles They also claim that the deaths of soldiers by IEDs is because of a small explosive attack on their compound in 1995

In 2006 The Westboro Baptist Church

picketed the funeral of Matthew Snyder A gay American Marine that died in battle

The Churchs picket included signs

reading Thank God for dead soldiers Snyders father sued the Church for invasion of privacy

Snyders father had to pay court costs to

the Westboro Baptist Church after loosing the case The Supreme Court Ruled that the First Amendment protected the Churchs right to protest funerals This did not change the anti-funeral

picketing laws in 43 states

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