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Welcome to @Vitória A beautiful is island in the southeast coast of Brazil!

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Booklet of Vitória city - Brasil. AIESEC BRASIL


  • Welcome to @Vitria

    A beautiful is island in the southeast coast of Brazil!

  • Vitria is the capital of the state of

    Esprito Santo, Brazil. Founded in 1551,

    its located in an island within a bay. Vitorias metropolitan area has a

    population of almost 2 million people.

  • Information

    - Population: 327.801

    - Weather:Tropical Humid

    - Time Zone: UTC 3

    - -Daily living cost:

    - 4th best city to live in Brazil


    - 7th best midsize city to undertake in the

    Americas (2015)

  • Praa dos Namorados

    This place is beautiful at any

    time of the year, but

    especially when summertime

    comes and people flock to

    the square to do stand up

    paddle, walking, cycling and

    running . On the weekends

    there is a fair with typical

    food and crafts.

  • Ilha do Boi

    Boi island is an upscale neighborhood, upper class, in the city of


    Despite its name, the current quarter is not an island. With the

    city's growth in the first half of the nineteenth century large

    areas were grounded throughout the city and the island joined

    the Victoria Island.

    It is mainly residential, and its largest area consists of upscale

    residences, some with their own piers for boats. The

    neighborhood also has two small crowded beaches.

    The island is also an object of research for biologists from the

    Federal University of Esprito Santo.

  • Penha Convent

    Penha Convent is a convent in Vila Velha, Brazil, on the top of a high mountain overlooking the cities of

    Vitria and Vila Velha. Founded in approximately 1558 by Pedro Palcios, today it is home to Esprito Santo's Patron

    Saint, Our Mother of Penha. Many believers make pilgrimages to this site which is surrounded by a green haven of

    forest. Due to its location between two large urban areas, it is also a very much sought-after leisure spot on

    weekends and holidays. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions of the Brazilian Southeast state

    of Esprito Santo.

    Every year, there is an important celebration to the Saint when believers dedicate their miles praying and thanking

    the Saint. Some travel from all over Brazil in order to get there.

    The men usually start their walk from the Capital Vitoria and finish at the Convent in Vila Velha. The women also pay

    their respects and walk from the closest Church (Santuario) up to the Convent. Inside the Convent there are

    millions of Thank you Notes from people that claim to have been cured by Nossa Senhora da Penha. They have left

    many of their notes along with their old handicapped chairs and much more. The view from the Convent is one of

    the most beautiful views. Its possible to see the Island of Vitoria and the City of Vila Velha and one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast of Brazil called Praia da Costa, where at the end of the beach, you can also see

    the house of the Governor.

  • Beaches

  • Stand up Paddle

  • Night Life

    - Bars

    - Night Clubs

    - Restaurants

  • Places close to Vitria

  • Pedra Bonita Waterfall Guarapari

    Forr (Brazilian typical dance) in Itaunas

    Azul Moutain

  • Diving in Guarapari Frade e a Freira Trail

    Rapelling in the Moutains

    Buddhist Monastery

    Paragliding Flight

  • Typical Foods

  • We wait for you in Vitria!