Welcome to SHSU & Your Bearkat OneCard Orientation

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Welcome to SHSU & Your Bearkat OneCard Orientation. What is the Bearkat OneCard?. 1.It’s the official ID for students, faculty, and staff at SHSU. 2.It’s an optional FREE FDIC insured checking account. Referred to as the “OneAccount” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Welcome to SHSU & Your Bearkat OneCard Orientation

PowerPoint Presentation

7/28/20101Welcome to SHSU & Your Bearkat OneCard Orientation

7/28/20102What is the Bearkat OneCard?1.Its the official ID for students, faculty, and staff at SHSU.

2.Its an optional FREE FDIC insured checking account. Referred to as the OneAccount

Its the way STUDENTS manage their financial refunds from SHSU.

It is NOT a credit card

7/28/20103How Will I Get My Bearkat OneCard?

1. Have your photo made

2. Have a valid address on file with SHSU

3. Register for classesYour Bearkat OneCard will be mailed to you when the following steps have been completed:7/28/20104 How do I activate my Bearkat OneCard?THE ID CARD MUST BE ACTIVATED FOR SERVICES ON CAMPUS AND TO RECEIVE REFUNDS

Log onto www.BearkatOne.com and follow the prompts.

7/28/20105Bearkat OneCard 101(4-fold blue brochure)Student Privileges

Optional OneAccount

Refund Preferences


# 1: Student Privileges

Campus Meal PlansResidenceHall AccessAthletic EventsLibrary AccessParking GarageManaging refund preferencesHealth CenterApply Financial Aid

H.K.C./RecreationalSports facilitiesParking Sticker

Ravens Nest Golf CourseCashiers Office

Manage Student Payroll Options

67/28/20107# 2: OneAccount (optional)Student Checking Account Free Account - no monthly service chargeNo minimum balance requirement Accepted worldwideNo credit options, account can be overdrawnPaper checks can be ordered - optionalOnline balance at www.bearkatone.comThree ATMs on CampusDepositsOn Campus (Estill Building, Suite 230)MailOnline Transfer

*Use Credit option at merchants

*Sponsor Account - family & friends can transfer money online (Availability: 2-3 business days)

Students can choose to activate this account at a later date

77/28/20108 ATMsOn - Campus LocationsNewton Gresham LibrarySouth Paw Dining FacilityPaw Print Food Court

ATM steps1. Swipe card2. Enter pin number3. Select Checking

8For parents, having your student use the OneAccount has benefits for youIts really easy to send money through the secure web siteYou dont have to worry about setting up a bank accountThe features like the campus autoload features are designed specifically for students to make sure they can make on campus purchases when they need to.7/28/20109 # 3: Refund Preferences and Student Payroll Options Students must select a refund preference when activating their Bearkat OneCard.

Students have the option to change their preferences at any time.

Refund and Payroll preferences may be different.

9Activating your card right away is really important because that is when you choose how to receive any refund from the universityYou have three options, and the fastest way to get your money is to choose to receive it directly into your OneAccount.7/28/201010#1 Question of all SHSU Students:

Q: If I open a OneAccount, how can my parents make deposits for me?


Sponsor Account Option - if your student opens the OneAccount -

Its free!

Sponsor uses own email and password to log in.

Sponsor initiated transaction.

11Dont spend a lot of time explaining the ways to add money, just say here are all the ways to add money7/28/201012 Lost CardsLost/Stolen CardsLost CardsOn Campus: Check with BKO OfficeOff Campus: Immediately report to www.bearkatone.com or 877-BEARKAT or contact the BKO Office.$25.00 fee will be applied to students fee statementTemporary Card will be provided for on campus use

Card Quality IssueNo ChargeOld card must be turned in.

Zero liability for fraudulent charges if reported in reasonable time period.

No cancelled cards can be re-activated for any reason!!!

127/28/201013How Does the Bearkat OneCard Work?Meal Plan/BearkatExpressOneAccount(optional)SHSUStudent Privileges

137/28/2010Questions? Bearkat OneCard ServicesEstill Building, Suite [email protected]