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A brief overview of this online notetaking, works cited creating, outline producing program used by students

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2. Lets get started! Go to the web site: www.noodletools.com When you get to this site, click here 3. Create a Personal ID Step ONE You will need to create a personal ID to access the software. 4. Create a Personal ID Step TWO Be sure to choose the first button. 5. Create a Personal ID Step THREE At this screen you will need to enter the following information.ojrhslib ojrcats 6. Create a Personal ID Step FOUR You FINALLY get to make up your ID/Password! Choosestudent Choose year Create ID Create Password NOTE: MAKE YOUR PERSONAL ID YOUR COMPUTER LOG ON AND YOUR PASSWORD YOUR ID! 7. Getting started!! On the next page, you will need to click this button to begin. Choose either MLA Advanced or MLA starter In the Description box, write the name of the project. Hit Create List. 8. Keeping track of your information! At this point, you have two choices as to where youd like to go. Bibliography to begin entering your resources or Notecards to begin taking notes.PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CREATE AN ENTRY IN YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY BEFORE TAKING NOTES!!! 9. Bibliography This feature allows you to enter information and it will generate your bibliography for you. Simplychoose your source. Enter the information. Be sure to check your work.