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The 2013 JUMP!! Aquathlon athlete's guide

Transcript of Welcome to jump!! patti

  • 1. Welcome to JUMP!!Hello athletes.We at Dolphin Safe Events would like to welcome you to the Inaugural JUMP!! Aquathlonpresented by the Triathlon Club of San Diego.From our elite athletes to the beginner and the spectators, we know that the JUMP!!venue will meet your needs. For the elite athlete, the flat and fast course will be exactlywhat you need to race at your red line, while the beginner will find a swim course thatsquelches the fears that can sometimes arise. Middle of the pack athletes, like myself,will appreciate the beauty of the venue as you wind your way through the Chula VistaMarina. Additionally, the JUMP!! course is perfect for your favorite spectators. Not onlywill they be able to walk the swim, strategically done, spectators will be able to see theirathlete(s) no less than 7 times on a 10K course!!Again we welcome all of our athletes and would like to thank our sponsors who madethis event possible.JUMP!!

2. Schedule of Events: Saturday 6/2212:00- 3:00 Packet Pickup Road Runner Sports Kearny MesaIn order to help make race day as smooth as possible for everyone we are asking you to pleasecome to packet pickup at Road Runner Sport in Kearney Mesa. Make sure to bring a friend fora last minute entry!!When you arrive at packet pickup PLEASE BRING: PHOTO ID: NO ID, NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS USAT CARD (USAT members only) If you are not a USAT member and you did not pay for a one day license please be prepared topay at packet pickupIN YOUR PACKET:1. Race Bib2. Colored Swim Cap3. Timing Chip and strap4. Drop off bag for your personal belongings prior to boarding the boat6. Wristband, this must be worn at all times. It will allow you in and out of transition. 3. Schedule of Events: Race Day 6/23Sunday 6/23:5:30 Transition opens6:00- 6:40 Athletes gather to board Lord Hornblower at public dock (see map)6:40 Athletes board Lord Hornblower7:00 Lord Hornblower leaves dock7:30-40 Lord Hornblower anchors in position7:45 JUMP!!!! Athletes depart Lord Hornblower8:10 First swimmers in8:55 First finisher finishes8:55 Swim course closes9:45 Course closes9:50 Awards 4. Directions and ParkingFrom Hwy 5, exit at J Street and head west on to Marina Parkway turning left onSandpiper and then left again on Bayside Parkway following the signs for parking.If you are using a navigation system the address would be 999 Bayside Parkway or use GStreet for older systems.While the roads will be configured in order to keep two way traffic to the shore, we willbe closing access to the parking area at 7:00. Any spectators arriving after that time canpark in the retail lot on Marina Parkway. 5. Race DayTRANSITION AREA: Transition opens at 5:30 When you enter transition, look for your number and place your WELL MARKED transition bag inthe appropriate numbered section.BODY MARKING: Body markers will be located at the south end of the parking lot, outside of the transition area. Your bib number will go on your upper arms and back of hands. Your age will go on the back of your right calf.PRE RACE TALK AND STAGING: Once you have dropped your gear at the transition area and have been body marked, pleasestart making your way to the swim staging area at the public loading dock. Start walking southand then look for the big boat. Plan on 15 minutes to walk to the staging area. At the staging area, there will be toilets and a rental truck where you can drop off yourbelongings prior to boarding the Lord Hornblower to pick up after the event. ANY PERSONAL BELONGINGS BROUGHT ON TO THE BOAT WILL BE CONSIDEREDABANDONED AND HANDLED ACCORDINGLY. 6. Race Day pg. 2 7. Race Day pg. 3PRE RACE TALK AND STAGING cont: The pre race talk will begin at approximately 6:35 and is intended to reinforce all the informationcontained here, so please take the time to review this information.THE RACE: At approximately 6:45, we will start loading the Lord Hornblower and it is scheduled to pullaway from the dock at 7:00. From 7:00 until approximately 7:35, athletes will enjoy the original JUMP!! soundtrack asselected through your input on the JUMP!! Facebook page. Athletes are encouraged to JUMP!!JUMP!! 7:35 - the Lord Hornblower will be anchored into position and athletes will stage according totheir swim cap color. 7:45 - the first athletes JUMP!! and athletes continue to JUMP!! in a coordinated fashion, 8 at atime, alternating from each stairwell.SWIM COURSE The swim course is south to north approximately 1500 meter course. Water temperature expected to be in low 70s with calm water. JUMP!! is wetsuit legal. Course safety provided by certified open water Lifeguards following association guidelines. 8. Race Day pg. 4SWIM COURSE The swim course is south to north - approximately 1500 meter course. In order to not lose your goggles, make sure they are UNDER your swim cap. When you JUMP!! you canplace your hands on top of them. You do not need to press them against your face. All buoys will be on swimmers left shoulder with the exception of the last buoy which you will turntowards shore off your right shoulder. Water temperature expected to be in low 70s with calm water. JUMP!! is wetsuit legal Course safety provided by certified open water Lifeguards following association guidelines If you have second thoughts about the JUMP!! do not board the boat or be prepared to head back tothe Broadway Street Pier. Once the swimmers are in the water , the Lord Hornblower will head back toits home. 9. Race Day pg. 5RUN COURSE The run course is a three loop 10K course. The course is within the Chula Vista Marina area and is on both pedestrian path and roads. It is flat,fast and scenic, hugging the marina for the first half of each loop and then heading out to the marshareas. If you look up, you may see the 8- foot diameter Sea Hawk nest resting on top of a telephonepole. There will be one traffic crossing area, so please follow volunteer directions as well as keep an eye out. There will be one aid station with water , Hammer HEED and Hammer Gel products located just outsidethe transition. Athletes will pass it three times. 10. Race Day pg. 6THE FINISH On the third loop, athletes will continue to the pedestrian path where they will turn to theirright instead of continuing straight and finish next to the Wind Vane sculpture. All finishers will receive a JUMP!! branded ceramic mug and a full color enamel JUMP!! Medal. The Inaugural JUMP!! male and female Champions will receive a 40 oz. JUMP!! laser engravedStein. Age Group awards will go two deep (first and almost first). Each place will receive a JUMP!! Stein(etched pilsner- style glass). Finisher food will consist of locally sourced handmade breakfast burritos as well as items toaccommodate our vegetarian/ lacto/ ovo /gluten free athletes. 11. Thank you SponsorsThe Inaugural JUMP!! Aquathlon does not happen without our great sponsors!!Thank you so much to the Triathlon Club of San Diego fortheir support and to Brian Long with TIBhomesales.com forhis continuing support of the community. To XTERRAWetsuits and ZOGGS; there are no two better productsavailable to get you through your swim. We at Dolphin Safehave been using both products for several years. Also, thankyou to JD Powers winner, Wawanesa Insurance and HammerNutrition products for stepping up each year with our events.Lastly, thank you to PULSE Endurance Sports, ROAD ID andSwimBikeRVing. Your help was worth more than you canimagine. Please support JUMP!!s Chula Vista companionevent, the Chula Vista Challenge Triathlon taking place inAugust.Thank you so much. 12. FAQs and reiterations pg. 11. How high is the actual jump? The jump itself is roughly 3-4 feet above thewaterline.2. What happens if I can not jump from the boat? You will stay on the boat and betaken to the Broadway Pier. If you think the jump is just going to be too much, do notboard the boat. You can start from shore once the boat is in position.3. What if I am late? You can start from shore once the boat is in position.4. What is the best way to not lose my goggles? First make sure your goggles areunder your swim cap and when you jump place your hands over your goggles. You donot need to press them to your face.5. What are the chances of someone jumping on top of me? Highly unlikely. We willbe controlling the flow of athletes going out the cargo door and the person jumpingwants to avoid jumping on you.6. Can we do a warm up swim? Unfortunately due to the JUMP!! start you will not beable to do a warm up swim. There are other ways of elevating yourheart rate and with a warmer water temperature, there should not bethe cold water shock. 13. FAQs and reiterations pg. 27. Can spectators go on the boat? No8. Can we bring personal belongings on the boat? No. Because of the walk, everyonewas given a personal belongings bag so that they can wear sandals to walk over to theboat loading area if they wish. They will drop the bag off with the volunteers prior toboarding the Lord Hornblower. Any personal belongings brought on to the boat will beconsidered abandoned and discarded once the boat returns to the Broadway Pier.9. Will there be toilets at the loading dock? Yes.10. Do we need to come to packet pick up? Yes. This is very important for the flow onrace day. Additionally, it will allow you to sleep in later!!11. Is the event chipped time? Yes, the event is chip timed with wave starts12. What time does the transition open? The transition opens at 5:30.13. Where can we park? We have designated parking in the lot just east of thetransition/finish area. This is for both athletes and spectators.14. What time do the roads close? There will be designated traffic lanes openthroughout the event timeframe. However, spectators arriving lateshould plan on delays caused by the event and may want to park inthe retail area. This is Spectators only parking and will be very inconvenient forathletes. 14. FAQs and reiterations pg. 315. Where is the best place for spectators to watch the s