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Slide 2 Welcome to High School East Paulding High Hiram High North Paulding High Paulding County High South Paulding High Slide 3 Graduation Rule for Class of 2012 Registration (Classroom Guidance In February) & A Typical High School Schedule Honors/AP Application Information Slide 4 Georgias New Graduation Rule Overview of Topics Research Content of the New Rule Frequently-Asked Questions Counseling and Support Slide 5 Why Do We Need to Change? The skills and knowledge required in the workplace are no longer very different from those needed for success in college. (Achieve, Inc., 2004) The quality of courses completed in high school is a greater predictor of college success than test scores, class rank, or grade point average. (Education Trust - Barth, 2003) Students are more likely to pass high- level courses than low-level courses. (Brookings Institution, 2002) Slide 6 New Graduation Requirements Rule was created by committee: GaDOE, University System of Georgia, Department of Technical and Adult Education, business leaders, system and school educators Rule was discussed throughout the state last spring and summer Rule establishes minimum academic requirements Aligned with states revised and improved curriculum, the Georgia Performance Standards Slide 7 New Graduation Requirements Aligned with higher expectations of the American Diploma Project for college and work-ready requirements Addresses the concerns regarding the Special Education Diploma Addresses the need for one diploma and a single set of course requirements, with support and acceleration opportunities All graduates prepared for college-entry courses AND the workplace Slide 8 Areas of Study: Units Required English/Language Arts * 4 Mathematics* 4 Science* 4 Social Studies* 3 CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or Modern Lang. 3 Health and Physical Education* 1 Electives 4 Total Units (Minimum) * Required Courses and/or Core Courses 23 Slide 9 Slide 10 Current Rule for Graduates Through 2011 Graduation Rule for Class of 2012 1 unit of Health and Physical Education required for all students 1 unit of Computer Technology and/or Fine Arts and/or Technology Career Preparatory and/or Foreign Language required for all students A total of 3 units required from: CTAE and/or Modern Language and/or Fine Arts for all students (Students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution or other post-secondary institution must take two units of the same modern language). 2 units of Foreign Language required for CP and CP+ students 5 6 additional elective units depending on tier (CP, CP+, TC, TC+) 4 additional elective units for all students Slide 11 English Language Arts Changes 4 units of English/Language Arts required, including: 1 unit of 9 th Grade Literature and Composition 1 unit of American Literature and Composition 2 additional units Slide 12 Math Changes 4 units required GradeMath Courses 9th Mathematics I: Algebra/Geometry/Statistics* OR Accelerated Mathematics I: Geometry/Algebra II/Statistics *Math support class may be required for students who need additional time during the school day in mathematics. 10th Mathematics II: Geometry/Algebra II/Statistics OR Accelerated Mathematics II: Advanced Algebra/Geometry/Statistics *Math support class may be required for students who need additional time during the school day in mathematics. 11th Mathematics III: Advanced Algebra/ Statistics OR Accelerated Mathematics III: Pre-Calculus/ Trigonometry/Statistics *Math support class may be required for students who need additional time during the school day in mathematics. 12th Mathematics IV: Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry/Statistics OR AP Calculus AB Slide 13 Science Changes 4 units of Science required, including: 1 unit of Biology (can be AP/IB) 1 unit of Physical Science or Physics (AP/IB) 1 unit of Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or an AP/IB course 1 unit of a 4 th science, including any AP/IB, academic science, or career tech science (ex: Agricultural Science) 4 th science unit may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements. Slide 14 Social Studies Changes 3 units of Social Studies required, including: 1 unit of World History 1 unit of United States History unit of American Government/Civics unit of Economics Slide 15 Health/Physical Education All students must complete 1 unit 3 units of ROTC may substitute for the Health/PE requirement under the following conditions: JROTC courses include Comprehensive Health and PE Rule requirements Local BOE must approve the use of ROTC courses to satisfy the one required unit in health and PE. Our district has not made this decision as of yet. JROTC is available at EPHS, HHS, and PCHS. Slide 16 Electives Three units required: CTAE and/or Modern Language and/or Fine Arts Students are encouraged to select courses in a focused area of interest and to build upon the career interest inventories that they have completed this school year with the counselors and graduation coaches. Slide 17 CTAE (Career Technical and Agriculture Education) Pathways Students may earn three units of credit in a sequence of CTAE courses through a self-selected pathway leading to college readiness and a career readiness certificate endorsed by related industries. Slide 18 Career Technical and Agriculture Education) Pathways in PCSD Agriscience Career Pathway Transportation Logistical Support Career Pathway Small Business Development Career Pathway Therapeutic Services Career Pathway Marketing & Management Career Pathway Slide 19 Modern Languages/Latin and Fine Arts Students are encouraged to earn 2 credits in the same language (2 units of credit required for entry into the University System of Georgia). Electives may be selected from courses in fine arts and/or CTAE. Slide 20 Electives 4 additional units of electives required Student advisement is key and your student will have advisement/registration this spring as well as during the 9 th, 10 th, 11 th and 12 th grade years. These advisement opportunities are critical and involve parents/guardians participation. Slide 21 Changes for Students With Disabilities Students with disabilities who take and pass Math 1 with a support class, and Math 2 with a support class upon determination through the IEP process, may meet diploma requirements by completing Math 3 for a total of 3 units. Completion of 3 units of math may not meet math admission requirements for entrance into a University System of Georgia institution or other post secondary options. Slide 22 Students With Severe Cognitive Disabilities May graduate and receive a regular high school diploma when the students IEP team determines that the student has: Completed an integrated curriculum based on the GPS that includes instruction in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies as well as career preparation, self-determination, independent living and personal care to equal a minimum of 23 units of instruction, and Participated in the GAA in middle school and high school and earned a proficient score on the high school GAA, and Reached the 22 nd birthday OR transitioned to employment/training in which the supports needed are provided by an entity other than the local school system Slide 23 Frequently Asked Questions Slide 24 Why are we moving to just one type of diploma? Under the current graduation rule, students complete different requirements depending on which diploma option they select Skills needed for college and the workplace are no longer different (American Diploma Project) All students need to complete rigorous coursework requirements no matter what their postsecondary plans. Slide 25 Why are we increasing math and science requirements to four years? Georgia students must be prepared to work in a competitive global economy Scientific inquiry and mathematical thinking are critical skills all students need With appropriate third and fourth year options, more students will be prepared to succeed in occupations that require math and science Support classes help them meet requirements Slide 26 Are we eliminating Fine Arts? Fine Arts options are not being eliminated. The current rule does not require Fine Arts. The new rule requires ALL students to take at least THREE CREDITS in CTAE and/or Modern Language/Latin and/or Fine Arts New rule allows greater flexibility and choice regarding electives, including Fine Arts courses Slide 27 Why change the requirements for Special Education students? All students need access to a regular education diploma to provide postsecondary opportunities With appropriate support, many students with disabilities can earn a regular diploma Parents/guardians will see the transition and planning process during the 8 th grade year to earn a regular high school diploma. Slide 28 How do these changes affect the advanced students? Advanced courses will continue to be available Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), dual enrollment, joint enrollment, industry certification Courses will continue to be offered More students prepared for advanced coursework and thus, competitive with their peers as they enter the next level of their career Transcripts show the level of rigor enriched Slide 29 Are we cutting Career, Technical & Agricultural Education programs? CTAE courses and programs are not being cut Pathway options will be expanded to include not only CTAE courses, but also Fine Arts, Humanities and other academic concentrations Pathways are aligned to industry certifications Dual enrollment opportunities and post- secondary credit will be available Slide 30 What additional support will be provided to implement the rule? Support for students and their parents/guardians comes from counselors and graduation coaches. Additional online, dual enrollment, and joint enrollment course opportunity information as students move through high school Testing information Parent information inclu