Weekly Updates - Northwest Iowa Community Weekly Updates: At the School Election on Tuesday,...

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Transcript of Weekly Updates - Northwest Iowa Community Weekly Updates: At the School Election on Tuesday,...

  • Greetings!

    Red dots, blue dots, and more dots! Numerous great alumni connections materialized on the map displayed at the NCC Clay County Fair booth September 7-15. Alumni and individuals who have taken a continuing education class filled in the map with a sea of colorful dots! Thank you to all the faculty, staff, and students who worked at the Clay County Fair. In the attached picture are Carpentry students (left) Joe Bootsma from Melvin and (right) Jordan Everson from Orange City. The Student Government Association sponsored a trip to the Clay County Fair this past weekend. Despite the heat, students perused the local and regional vendor booths and made sure to stop by the NCC booth to show their support for their college. Weekly Updates:

     At the School Election on Tuesday, September 10, NCC’s Plant Fund Levy renewal passed with a 73% positive vote! Four Board members (Larry Hoekstra, Adam Besaw, Cynthia Porter, and Steve Loshman) were also re-elected. County results for the continuation of the 20 ¼ levy are listed in the following table.

    Yes %YES No %NO

    O'Brien 871 79.5% 224 20.5%

    Cherokee 199 78.7% 54 21.3%

    Sioux 1466 71.2% 593 28.8%

    Lyon 356 70.8% 147 29.2%

    Osceola 437 67.3% 212 32.7%

    TOTAL 3329 1230

    Thank you to all who spread the facts, voted, and participated in the Mine+9 Campaign! To celebrate, root beer and coke floats were served in the Building C lobby on Friday afternoon. Be sure to pass on our gratitude to those who supported their community college by voting!

     Scott Abbott provided 2-one hour seminars at the Iowa Water Environment Association conference on the DMACC campus in Ankeny. The conference consisted of a variety of short course programs focusing on the needs of the water/wastewater operators. The first session Scott discussed the variable frequency drive including a demo of programming a VFD, and his second sessions consisted of discussions on grounding and bonding requirements of electrical systems. There were about 150 attendees at the two-day conference.

     Frank DeMilia attended the Lyon County Economic Development board meeting on Tuesday, September 10, where they continued to plan for future development of the area around Grand Falls Casino.

     The NCC EMS Advisory Board annual meeting was held on Tuesday night, September 10. NCC’s EMS Program Medical Director (Dr. John Weber) attended along with seven other Advisory Board Members. Topics covered included a recap

  • of last year’s EMT Classes, some changes in programming, and an update on the upcoming 2013-2014 EMT classes.

     The Iowa Community College Presidents (IACCP) met on the ACT campus in Iowa City on Wednesday, September 11.

     On Thursday, September 12, Beth Sibenaller-Woodall, Frank DeMilia, John Hartog, and Alethea Stubbe attended an ACT Summit in Iowa City with representatives from all fifteen community colleges.

     Stephanie Sandwell was pleased to report that 252 courses have been revised and approved, surpassing Title III’s goal of 250! Great job everyone!

     Registrations total 336 for the Monday, September 16, 21st Century Teaching & Learning Conference sponsored by Title III. It will be a wonderful educational experience for all attendees. See the attached agenda and descriptions.

     Northwest Iowa Community College will host the annual Regional Jailer’s School on September 17-19, 2013, in Room 116/119A. People employed by the county jails are required to attend this 2 ½ day workshop. Approximately 50 attendees are anticipated. Participants will attend from within NCC’s college area as well as many coming in from outside the area from surrounding counties.

     Don’t forget the NCC Summer Potluck 2 on Wednesday, September 18, sponsored by the Wellness Committee!

    The September Board Meeting will be held on Monday, September 23, at 6:30 p.m. Enjoy the weekend! Gratefully,

    Alethea F. Stubbe, Ph.D. President

  • 21ST CENTURY T E A C H I N G & L E A

    R N I N G C O N F E R E N C E

    Monday, September 16, 2013 • Northwest Iowa Community College

    for K–12 and College Faculty

    Morning 7:45–8:45 Continental Breakfast

    Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center (LLRC) 8:45–10:15 Keynote—LLRC 10:15–10:30 Break 10:30–11:30 Breakout Session 11:30–12:30 Lunch—Cafeteria

    Thank you for attending this year’s conference!

    Afternoon 12:45–2:15 Keynote—LLRC

    2:15–2:30 Break 2:30–3:30 Breakout Session

    Northwest Iowa Community College

    Check out conference materials at www.nwcc.edu

    Click on “High School” and then “Instructors”

    Morning Keynote Using Brain Research to Orchestrate Learning Presented by: Dr. Janet Zadina

    In this exciting presentation, loaded with real brain images and scattered with interactive experiences, attendees will actually see how learning takes place in the brain through powerful images and discover what is required for that to happen. In addition, attendees will learn about multiple pathways that the brain activates in learning.

    Afternoon Keynote Leadership in the Digital Age: Getting Technology R.I.G.H.T Presented by: Angela Maiers

    Technology transforms the world in which we live. It can make the impossible possible and is the key to doing more with less. It’s not the technology — it’s how you USE it.

    We’ve selected the most significant new and emerging tech- nologies and incorporated them into a flexible framework guiding how they can be used to accelerate learning, improve staff performance, and increase organizational effectiveness. Some of these technologies are new … others you may al- ready have. Still others may be on your “wish list.” The power of this process is that it will help you not only better under- stand technology, but view it from a fresh perspective.

    Funded 100% by Title II A: P031A080260 Strengthening Institutions Grant Awarded by the US Department of Education

    Northwest Iowa Community CollegeSEARCH

  • Dr. Janet Zadina is an Educational Neuroscientist who sees brain research through the eyes of a teacher and teaching through the eyes of a re- searcher. After twenty years’ teaching experience at both high school and college lev- els she became a cognitive neuroscientist. She bridges the fields of education and

    neuroscience through her work as a researcher, teacher, author, and international speaker.

    She received her doctorate in the College of Education at the University of New Orleans, conducting her award-winning dis- sertation research on the neuroanatomy of dyslexia through col- laboration with Tulane University School of Medicine. She continued her postdoctoral education with a Fellowship in Cog- nitive Neuroscience in the Department of Psychiatry and Neu- rology at Tulane University School of Medicine where she researched neuroanatomical risk factors for developmental lan- guage disorders through MRI brain scans.

    Dr. Zadina is a CLADEA Fellow and the winner of the Society for Neuroscience Science Educator Award given to “an out- standing neuroscientist who has made a significant impact in in- forming the public about neuroscience.” She has given a TEDx talk and is the author of several books including Six Weeks to a Brain-Compatible Classroom – A Workbook for Educators.

    As a teacher educator, author and consultant, Angela Maiers has spent the past twenty-two years working diligently to help learners of all ages succeed by recognizing their power as readers, writers, and global communicators.

    Today, Angela is at the fore- front of Web 2.0 technolo-

    gies and keeping her eye toward Web 3.0. An active blogger and social media evangelist, she is deeply committed to helping learners of all ages understand the transformational power of literacy and the potential of technology as a vehicle and platform for their success in school and beyond. Concerned that nearly a billion people in the world lack basic literacy, she believes the time is now to lay the groundwork for a new vision literacy edu- cation; one with world changing implications.

    Angela earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and a minor in Biology from the University of Iowa and completed her graduate and post graduate work at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. As owner and lead consultant at Maiers Educational Serv- ices, her passion for literacy and technology to discover creative ways to assist schools and organizations in meeting their learn- ing and productivity goals.

    You can find her blog at angelamaiers.com or on Twitter at @angelamaiers, her favorite space for thinking, creating, and pushing the scope of her imagination and learning.

    The Multiple Pathways Model for Using Brain Research to Enhance and Energize Instruction Lifelong Learning & Recreation Center Presented by Dr. Janet Zadina

    Neuroscience indicates that the more modalities by which learners encode information, the easier that information is to learn and re- call. Go beyond visual, auditory, and kinesthetic! In this breakout, multiple pathways will be covered as well as strategies for accessing these pathways to reach diverse and struggling learners.

    Targeted audience: All subjects, all grade levels, including administrators

    STEM and a Redesigned Learning Environment Building H, Room 510 Presented by Kari Webb

    The latest, greatest "b