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HTR PRODUCTIONSWeekly Updates 24th November to 1st December

Register and LocationThuvaaragan Kuruparan AbsentHassan Shahid Present Rikhel Trivedi Present

Location: Newbury Park and Oaks Park


This had been our final week before the deadline, from knowing this we had to make sure that all footage had been completed to a certain standard. Although, the deadline had been created by our teacher as well as ourselves. By having such a deadline it helped to motivate us to finish the entire footage in a certain period of time. Within this week, as the director I had to make sure that the actor was available no matter what as this would be the last week when we would have to use him. Even though it had been a tough process, we had managed to film all footage and was able to give it to the editor to edit. With sorting out the score music and voice over it helped to finish of the finishing touches of the final product.We had filmed during the week on the 26th and had completed the final car accident scene. With planning and organising everything from last week it had helped to make everything to go smoothly. Also, we had also filmed on the following weekend. The cinematographer and I had had used this time wisely to capture footage of all improvements. This had included scenes which were recorded weeks ago. Having this final product completed by the deadline it was pleasing to say that this process had been tough with all the cancellations as well as requesting permits. Finishing the our short film on time had led to members within our group to now finish of our film poster and film review.