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Weekly updates of equity market are necessary for maintained and successful trading in equity market, and weekly news letter is best for this.

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  • 1. Weekly Newsletter-Equity 18 -Mar-2013EQUITY ANALYSIS - WEEKLY

2. Weekly NewsletterContentsMarket WrapMarket PerformanceNSE GainersNSE LosersVolume ToppersWorld IndicesIndian Equity MarketTechnical AnalysisNifty SpotBank Nifty Futurewww.theequicom.com +919200009266 3. MARKET WRAPNifty and Sensex were closed red; down 1.18%, 1.35% resp. this week.Retail Sales m/m 1.10% and US Unemployment Claim at 332K.US & Euro markets were green; Asian markets were mixed last week.Indian equity markets benchmark ended red on Friday; on this week the Sensex and Niftywere consolidate trend. Major sector which were down like IT Index (down 1.60%), Oil & Gasindex (down1.50%), Realty Sector (down 1.30%) and Top looser are, Oracle Financial (down4.6%), Infosys (down 3.1%), Shiv-Vani Oil (down 12.2%), Hindustan Oil (down 10.3%) andChennai Petroleum (down 8.9%) Technically Nifty may expected to up from this point or ashort term range bound movement this week; Nifty this week may range 6050-5520.After the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) for the month of January 2013 stands at 181.8,which is 2.4% higher as compared to the level in the month of January 2012,andThe annualrate of inflation, based on monthly WPI, stood at 6.84% (Provisional) for the month ofFebruary, 2013 (over February, 2012) as compared to 6.62% for the previous month and7.56% during the corresponding month of the previous year, The index for this major grouprose by 0.6 percent to 222.7 from 221.4 for the previous month.The S&P 500 took a late-day run at its record closing high of 1,565.15, but ended just 2points away, high set on October 9, 2007. S&P rose for its tenth positive week out of the last11. The major world indices showed this week a positive trend, with the Dow Jones up nearlyby 1.46 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite Index gained 0.83 percent to end at 3258.93.The rupee rose to a two-week high on Friday, notching up a second consecutive week ofgains. Rupee closed at 54.02/03 per dollar versus its previous close of 54.355/365www.theequicom.com +919200009266 4. MARKET PERFORMANCENSE GAINERSCOMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CANG.(RS) CHAG.(%) Syncom Healthcare12.20 9.65 2.55 26.42 Antarctica 0.250.20 0.05 25.00Dhanus Technology 0.250.20 0.05 25.00Murli Industries11.55 9.45 2.10 22.22 Celebrity Fashions 2.652.20 0.45 20.45NSE LOSERSCOMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS) CANG.(RS) CHAG.(%)Amtek India 74.00101.75 -27.75-27.27Spectacle Infotek 1.251.70 -0.45-26.47Quintegra Solutions 0.600.80 -0.20-25.00 Onelife Capital 219.45283.50 -64.05-22.59 Aanjaneya Lifecare201.00259.60 -58.60-22.57VOLUME TOPPERSCOMPANY NAME CURRENT PREV. CLOSE(RS)CHAG.(%) Volume in(000s) Unitech28.60 29.65-3.5446313.91 Suzlon Energy14.95 15.10-0.9924657.11JSW ISPAT Steel9.00 9.10 -1.1022811.23 IFCI 29.70 28.80 3.1221567.93JP Associate74.15 76.45-3.0119872.25www.theequicom.com +919200009266 5. SECTORIAL INDICESIndicesCountry Date IndexNet ChangeChange (%) Hang SengHong Kong18-Mar-2013 22619.18 -152.26-0.67Jakarta Indonesia 18-Mar-2013 4786.37 -61.93-1.28 Composite Nikkei 225 Japan18-Mar-2013 12381.19413.11 3.45 KLSE Malaysia18-Mar-2013 1640.74 -10.19-0.62 Composite SeoulSouth Korea18-Mar-2013 2002.13 -2.27 -0.11 CompositeStrait TimesSingapore18-Mar-2013 3286.05 -3.48 -0.11United FTSE 10018-Mar-2013 6529.40 90.201.40 KingdomUnitedNasdaq 18-Mar-2013 3258.93 26.840.83StatesUnitedDJIA 18-Mar-2013 14539.14209.65 1.46StatesUnitedS&P 50018-Mar-2013 1563.23 18.971.23StatesINDIAN EQUITY MARKETINDICESVALUE CHANGE % CHANGE NIFTY5,875.45-70.25 -1.18 BANK NIFTY 11886.00 -357.05 -2.92 SENSEX 19,416.87-266.36 -1.35www.theequicom.com +919200009266 6. TECHNICAL VIEW NIFTYWEEKLY PIVOTINDICESR4 R3R2 R1 PS1 S2 S3 S4 NIFTY6418 62386058 5965 5878 5785 5698 5518 5338OUTLOOKTrend: - ConsolidateResistance: - 6270, 6050Support: -5720, 5520Strategy: - Buy On DipsNIFTY WEEKLYwww.theequicom.com +919200009266 7. BANK NIFTYWEEKLY PIVOTSCRIPT R4R3 R2R1 P S1S2S3 S4BANK NIFTY14033 1332912625 12252 11921 11548 11217 10513 9809OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 12500, 12130 Support: - 11580, 11275 Strategy: - Buy On DipsBANK NIFTY WEEKLYwww.theequicom.com +919200009266 8. DisclaimerThe information and views in this report, our website & all the service we provide are believed to be reliable, but we do not acceptany responsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suits them the most.Sincere efforts have been made to present the right investment perspective. 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