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Transcript of Week6 visual aids

  • 1. Visual Aids Week 6 Public Speaking & Presentation Professor Hayashi

2. Todays Class

  • attendance / prep sheet check
  • review
  • language focus
  • language knowledge
  • midterm speech/prep
  • in-class presentations

3. Review

  • Q. What kind of language should we use when writing for the ear?
  • personal pronouns
  • refer to the audience
  • use appropriate language
  • KISS!

4. Review

  • Q. Change the following sentences from the passive to the active form:
  • The issue of the midterm was discussed.
  • We ______________________________________.
  • (b) It is reported that the speeches are due to exceed our expectations.
  • The class___________________________________________________.
  • (c) It has been found to be rather enjoyable.
  • I __________________________________________.
  • (d) Grades are being distributed quite liberally.
  • The professor
  • ________________________________.

discussed the issue of the midterm reports that midterm speeches are due to exceed our expectations have found it rather enjoyable is distributing grades quite liberally 5. Language Focus What kind of chart is this? Line Graph Flow Chart Organigram 6. Language Focus Bar Chart Table Pie Chart 7. Language Focus What are some key terms we can use to describe change on a graph? 8. Language Knowledge VOICE ACTOR, PLEASE! Exercise 1 on page 32 Exercise 2 on page 32 work in pairs! 9. Language Knowledge 10. Rules for Visual Aids

  • KISS
  • Use the 6 X 6 rule
  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Be consistent
  • Never be dependent on your visual aids

11. Your Turn!

  • In groups, make a hilarious, outrageous, silly chart or graph and present it to the class!