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  1. 1. EDUC W200 Week 1Greetings, W200 Students!Day: 05/07/2013Time: 09:10 12:00
  2. 2. EDUC W200 Week 1Before We Begin Go to Oncourse (W200) Resources Week 1 Download and open Week 1 Presentation Open W200 Website using this link
  3. 3. EDUC W200 Week 1All About ME! Your Name Introduction
  4. 4. EDUC W200 Week 1Undergraduate Lab Assistant (ULA) Introduction Erol Uzan
  5. 5. EDUC W200 Week 1Who are you? Introduction Name? Subject Area? What is your perspective on using technology ineducation? What are your expectations from this class?
  6. 6. EDUC W200 Week 1Todays Agenda
  7. 7. EDUC W200 Week 1Todays Agenda