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Microsoft Excel Week1 Tutorial

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  • 1. Microsoft Excel Terminologies By: Mr. Jumari U. Mercullo

2. EXCEL TERMINOLOGIES Workbook - is a spreadsheet file. By default, each workbook in Excel contains three pages or worksheets. Worksheets - is a single page or sheet in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Spreadsheet - spreadsheet refers to the computer program, such as Excel. 3. ENVIRONMENT TERMINOLOGIES Quick Access Toolbar - lets you access common commands no matter which tab you are on. By default, it shows the Save, Undo, and Repeat commands. You can add other commands to make it more convenient for you. 4. ENVIRONMENT TERMINOLOGIES Control Box Contains the basic controls in a window explorer. Close Restore: Maximize and Restore Minimize 5. ENVIRONMENT TERMINOLOGIES RIBBON - contains all of the commands you will need in order to do common tasks. It has multiple tabs, each with several groups of commands. 6. ENVIRONMENT TERMINOLOGIES NAME BOX - tells you the location or the "name" of a selected cell. 7. ENVIRONMENT TERMINOLOGIES FORMULA BAR - you can enter or edit data, a formula, or a function that will appear in a specific cell. 8. ENVIRONMENT TERMINOLOGIES FUNCTION BUTTON (fx) it starts the function wizard to enable you to pick the function of your choice 9. ROWS & COLUMNS COLUMN - is a group of cells that runs from the top of the page to the bottom. In Excel, columns are identified by letters. 10. ROWS & COLUMNS ROW - is a group of cells that runs from the left of the page to the right. In Excel, rows are identified by numbers. 11. COLUMNS & ROWS comparison EXCEL 2003 provides: 256 columns and labeled as the alphabets, while the row contains 65,536 unique rows. EXCEL 2010 provides: increased to 16,384 columns and the row also increased to 1,048,576. 12. CELL comparison CELL - is the intersection point of a column and a row. - each cell has a unique name. EXCEL 2003 provides 16,777,216 unique individual cell. EXCEL 2010 provides 17,179,869,184 unique individual cell. 13. PAGE VIEW PAGE VIEW - There are three ways to view a worksheet. Normal view - is selected by default, and shows you an unlimited number of cells and columns. 14. PAGE VIEW PAGE LAYOUT - divides your spreadsheet into pages. 15. PAGE VIEW PAGE BEAK - lets you see an overview of your worksheet, which is helpful when you are adding page breaks.