Wedding sayings

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Confused with wedding decision? Don't know the direction of your married life? Here is a collection of wisdom of proverbs passed though generations!

Transcript of Wedding sayings

Page 2: Wedding sayings

“Love is a ring and a ring has no end. “(Russian Proverb)

Page 3: Wedding sayings

“Happy the marriage where the husband is the head and the wife the heart.”

(Estonian Proverb)

Page 4: Wedding sayings

“If you live with a lion, wear the skin of a crocodile.”

(African-Hausa Proverb)

Page 5: Wedding sayings

“If a wife is cold, it is her husband's fault.”

(Russian Proverb)

Page 6: Wedding sayings

“When there is peace in the house, a bite suffices.“

(Yiddish Proverb)

Page 7: Wedding sayings

“Do not choose your wife at a dance but on the field among the harvesters.”

(Czech Proverb)

Page 8: Wedding sayings

“Who is tired of happy days, let him take a wife.”

(Dutch Proverb)

Page 9: Wedding sayings

“Before you are married, keep your eyes open; after you are married, shut one.”

(Jamaican Proverb)

Page 10: Wedding sayings

“A little charm and you are not ordinary.”

(Yiddish Proverb)

Page 11: Wedding sayings

“Your first wife is sent to you by God, the second by man and the third by the devil. “

(Russian Proverb)

Page 12: Wedding sayings

“Marriage and cooking calls for forethought.”

(Greek Proverb)

Page 13: Wedding sayings

“Look not at the shape, look at the character.”

(Turkish Proverb)

Page 14: Wedding sayings

“For a good dinner and a gentle wife, you can afford to wait.”

(Danish Proverb)

Page 15: Wedding sayings

“The beauty of a man is in his intelligence and the intelligence of a woman is in her beauty.”

(Moroccan Proverb)

Page 16: Wedding sayings

“It is all one whether you die of sickness or of love. “

(Italian Proverb)

Page 17: Wedding sayings

“The first quarrel is the best quarrel.”

(Yiddish Proverb)

Page 18: Wedding sayings

“The road to the head lies through the heart.”

(American Proverb)

Page 19: Wedding sayings

“A wise woman will marry the man who loves her rather than the one she loves.”

(Slovenian Proverb)

Page 20: Wedding sayings

“Gold, women and linen should be chosen by daylight.”

(Basque Proverb)

Page 21: Wedding sayings

“Lovers seek willingly new roads; the married seek the old.”

(Russian Proverb)