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Everything you need to know to join the newest, most vendor-driven wedding planning site in Illinois.

Transcript of Wedding Sanity Media Kit 2015

  • WEDDING SANITYWEDDING SANITYfuss-free, no-nonsense wedding planning

    2015 MEDIA KIT


  • LOCAL IS BETTEROur vendor directory is divided by geographical region to make it easier for brides and grooms

    to connect to vendors in their specific area. Your ad will no longer get lost in a sea of pages,

    or compete for attention with vendors located hundreds of miles away from you.

    Chicago gets its own directory page. So does Orland Park. And Joliet. And Mount Prospect.

    You get the idea.

    BIGGER SOCIAL MEDIA REACH Our social media pages are designed to feature engaging content, including daily postings

    designed to feature our vendors. Reach a large pool of potential clients and engage in

    meaningful interactions with local brides and grooms.

    LOCK-IN LOW INTRODUCTORY AD RATESOur introductory listing rate is $95 for a one-year period and includes two social

    media features per month plus one blog article at the time of sign up.

    Side ads, banner ads and featured posts start at $35 per entry.

  • As a Wedding Sanity featured vendor youre invited to submit your pins

    to our boards plus you can be selected as a featured vendor on our weekly

    Favorite Pins blog post.

    Be featured on our Instagram account! We give brides a chance to see

    your products and services and to take a look behind-the-scenes at your


    Our blog articles featuring our vendors are shared with the world via our

    Facebook page, allowing you to continue to build a great fan base.

  • We have a multi-channel approach to promote our vendors to brides and grooms. Our online blogfeatures great content that helps couples of all budgets plan exquisite weddings in a

    relaxed and fun environment. We have an intelligent approach to social media to feature the workof our vendors and partners. We hold events throughout the year to promote a healthy exchageof information between vendors and industry leaders. Can you think of any other wedding site that

    does all these things for you? Neither can we.

    At the beginning of each month you will receive a personalized metrics report that tells you how manyusers viewed your vendor profile, ads and featured posts in the previous month, how manywent to your business website from our site, how many likes and comments posts related to

    your business generated, and much more.

    You may only participate in our exclusive networking events and bridal fairs if you are a registeredWedding Sanity Vendor.

    Our prices will probably go up a bit after our first year. We have a very low, very attractive priceto start because, well, were starting out. However, if you sign up at the $95 rate, you are locked into

    that price forever, as long as you never leave us.

    Inside the mind of our creator and CEO. Shes one crazy, hard-working, creative cookie. It just took hera little bit of time to find the right formula to create this outstanding, vendor-centric product.

    Youre welcome!

  • Heres to the startof a long-lasting,beautiful relationship.

    Heres to the startof a long-lasting,beautiful relationship.


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