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1st Place:Getting Ready-Lionel Madiou, Washington, DC

Cristiano Ostinelli ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter Summer 2016

2nd Place:Getting Ready-Leah Huete, Washington, D.C.

3rd Place:Getting Ready-Massimiliano Magliacca, Rome, Italy

1st Place:Emotional Impact-Apresh Chavda, London, United Kingdom

2nd Place:Emotional Impact- Kristi Odom, Washington, D.C.

3rd Place:Emotional Impact-Marian Sterea, Bucharest, Romania

1st Place:Wedding Details-Pavel Kritchko, Brussels, Belgium

2nd Place:Wedding Details-Yves Schepers

3rd Place:Wedding Details-Virginia Olalla, Donostia San Sebastin Spain

1st Place:Humor- Nunzio Bruno Siracusa,Sicilia,Italia

2nd Place:Humor- Cristiano Ostinelli

3rd Place:Humor-Marco Klompenmaker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1st Place:Wedding Venue or Location- Vinny Labella, Zaragoza, Spain

2nd Place:Wedding Venue or Location- Lu Minifeel, Taipei, Taiwan

3rd Place:Wedding Venue or Location-Pedro lvarez, Espaa

1st Place:Kids Will Be Kids- Rosita Lipari Sicilia, Italia

2nd Place:Kids Will Be Kids- Anna Poole, Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

3rd Place:Kids Will Be Kids-Tonci Cerina, Split, Croatia

1st Place:First Dance-Michal Warda Destination Wedding Photographer|Warsaw, Poland

2nd Place:First Dance- Rino Cordella, Puglia, Italy

3rd Place:First Dance-Geeshan Bandara, Colombo, Sri Lanka

1st Place:Reception- Michal Warda, Warsaw, Poland

2nd Place:Reception-Christophe Pasteur, Paris, France

3rd Place:Reception-Marius Dragan, New York

1st Place:The Wedding Dress- William Lambelet- Montpellier, France

2nd Place:The Wedding Dress-Danilo Siqueira, So Paulo, Brazil

3rd Place:The Wedding Dress-Daniele Vertelli, Florence, Italy

1st Place:Ceremony-Gardres Sylvain|Gardres & Dohmen Photography|Biarritz, France

2nd Place:Ceremony-Victoria Sprung, Chicago, Illinois

3rd Place:Ceremony-Joshua D'hondt, Antwerpen, Belgium

1st Place:Bride and Groom Portraits- Ana Paula Aguiar, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

3rd Place:Bride and Groom Portraits-Pedro Cabrera, Madrid, Spain

2nd Place:Bride and Groom Portraits-Benjamin Brette, Paris, France

1st Place:The Decisive Moment- Benjamin Brette Paris, France

2nd Place:The Decisive Moment- Christiaan de Groot, Pijnacker, Netherlands

3rd Place:The Decisive Moment-Ruud Claessen Herten, Netherlands

1st Place:Family Love- cafa liu Toronto, Ontario

2nd Place:Family Love- Donatella Barbera, Certaldo, Florence, Tuscany, Italy

3rd Place:Family Love-Apresh Chavda, London, United Kingdom

1st Place:Bride Portrait- Gabriel Scharis

2nd Place:Bride Portrait- Emin Kuliyev, New York

3rd Place:Bride Portrait-Alessandro Iasevoli, Rome, Italy

1st Place:Bridal Party Portrait- Laetitia Patezour, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2nd Place:Bridal Party Portrait- Nicola Tonolini, Pesaro, Italy

3rd Place:Bridal Party Portrait-Linchpin Miao, Taipei, Taiwan

1st Place:Engagement Portrait- XU CHEN, Fuzhou, China

2nd Place:Engagement Portrait- Vlad Lodoaba, Romania

3rd Place:Engagement Portrait-Nei Bernardes, Brasil

1st Place:All About Light-Hendra Lesmana, Jakarta, Indonesia

2nd Place:All About Light-Sylvain Bouzat, Lyon (France)

3rd Place:All About Light-Ivan Perez, San Sebastian, Spain

1st Place:Framing the Subject-Gardres Sylvain, Biarritz, France

2nd Place:Framing the Subject- Adina Dumitrescu, Bucharest, Romania

3rd Place:Framing the Subject-Johnny Garca, Espaa

1st Place:Pure Art- Kemran Shiraliev, Mahachkala, Russian Federation

2nd Place:Pure Art-Kemran Shiraliev, Mahachkala, Russian Federation

3rd Place:Pure Art-Lubow Polyanska, Prague, Czech Republic

1st Place:Movement and Motion-Massimiliano Magliacca, Rome, Italy

2nd Place:Movement and Motion- Oliver Jones, Cardiff, United Kingdom

3rd Place:Movement and Motion-Cristiano Ostinelli, Italy