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sa lahat po nang facebook friends ko invited po kyao lahat

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  • 1. We want to invite all of you toour wedding..ceremony & reception will be at our new home (i warn you itll be something simple everyone please bring something)

2. LOCATION: PACIFIC OCEAN guest house our little home 3. island where well have the wedding reception. it was made at last minute. (there wasnt much room next to the guest houses, please understand) Dito po ang sayawan at the eve of our wedding 4. home sweet home. how nice it is to have a place thats only ours..:-) 5. guest house layout hope you like it... 6. 7. fruits and champagne for the evening, okay na ba to??? 8. Now, take a peek at our love nest. 9. 10. Our bedroom... . 11. Massage area.. Pwede din dito guests who want to take beauty rest before the wedding.. :-) 12. the lighting was improvised didnt have time todefine it. 13. 14. walkway for our entourage ceremony proper 15. fishing equipmentwill be found underthe bed . (for special guests use only) 16. Our living room para sa ating chikahan.. 17. please confirm your attendance with time in advance. 18. do not worry about transportation. a yacht weve rented will be atour use. 19. 20. only you have tocatch a bus to get to the port 21. 22. 23. bus accomodations 24. 25. 26. now,WAKEUP come back to reality and get back to work!