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Indian fashion and style blog primarily focusing on street style vintage and affordable fashion for men & women, latest fashion, dress trend. It’s your pit stop for style tips, street fashion, designer collaborations and product reviews & happenings of Indian Fashion. Stay tuned to the page for all the latest updates.

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  • 1. 2013 www.indiarush.comEasy Tips For Wedding, Beauty, Makeup & Fashion TipsInformal, relaxed, or casual: whatever you call it, fun andCreative weddings are very popular these days. Everything is unique about informal weddings,including the food, attire, and decorations. Get inspired by great ideas for themes, decorations,venues, and more with this book about casual weddings.Table of Contents:Chapter 1: Go Lace for a Royal Wedding!Chapter 2: Make Up At Its Best for a WeddingChapter 3: Satin Strapless for a Wedding Party?Chapter 4: An Ever Trendy Choice of Perfect Wear for anyChapter 5: It Is the Hair Style That Makes a Woman Look YoungChapter 6: Lipsticks on the Great DayChapter 7: Hairdressing tips for your Big Day!Chapter 8: Pearls Necklace for All Occasions!Chapter 9: Pearl Earrings for an Unforgettable Wedding

2. 2013 www.indiarush.comGo Lace for a Royal Wedding! Royal any womans idea dreams of her big day. The fabric is legend-ary for the regal style it withholds, the ideal choice for beauty and romance, once was only aprivilege celebrated by the royal line, but now, any fine lady can experience the richness on herfabulous day.Indeed, this is Lace we are raving about that brings the breath takinggorgeousness and the old beauty and romance in the form of fabrics. Lace comes in a range ofstyle for the wedding occasions. From Coy to Classic, a sensual wear intriguing romance of themodern day there are a number of elegant gown laces can offer the bride on this big event.Lace fabrics come in many particular varieties. Famous is the light-weight and the fluid like Chantilly, the formal and firm Alencon, the exotic Venise laces. Amuch sensual and body consciousness gown can be attained with the blend of lightweight laceand the silk Carmeuse. Lace brings the desired accent for curves, and by picking the beaded lace,you will be able to draw the fabric low making it closer to your torso. With a Veil or without it, 3. 2013 www.indiarush.comLace achieves the right blend of the traditional bridal clothing and the contemporary sophisticat-ed clothing. Lace is certainly more than what it is. While the fabric sounds allbusy and a heavy piece of cloth, it adds immense richness to the grand piece. When you pick theright material of a wonderful quality, Lace clothing is not going to be any piece of cloth but asheer luxurious wedding gown and Alanson is celebrated for the luxury wear. If you are lookingfor the typical romantic style, stiff lined Lace Gowns would do the job and gives the exact formaltouch when you wear the right pearl jeweler and the right trimmed lace border. Similarly, when aweighing lace is clocked over a light lined fabric, the result can only be awe-struck. The Gownwill sure be heavy, yet with fine rooms for great movements.Apparently, 1950s is again in the air, the era in which LaceGowns where at its peak. Spread the touch of the 50s with the classical Strapless Lace Gownwith its rigid taffeta draped with Lace on the torso and at the hem, adding a Satin Bow to thewaist at the end would make the absolute effect. Back like the 50s wear a something over yourStrapless Gown if your church is traditionally conservative. 4. 2013 www.indiarush.comLace is traditionally recognized for its contrast opposite liningclothing. If you wish your wedding gowns to be colorful, you might as well try Ivory Lace overmild pink lining for a natural wedding. While you prefer sophistication, cream colored lace ontop of a champagne color or rich sand would indeed be stunning. Another cherry pick would bechoosing a Lace, dark colored than the lining. This is quite simple, yet the result would certainlybe breath taking. Some of the other best Lace material and Lining material combination are thelight weight Chantilly with Pale Gold Lace on top of a Cream Lining would definitely be majes-tic, choosing a Lace fabric of a dash color is quite spectacular bringing the classic style with theunique personality. 5. 2013 www.indiarush.comMake Up At Its Best for a Wedding When we take so much care in bringing the perfect WeddingGown, Hair Style and other accessories, make up is one of the main elements to make your faceglow. A perfect make up starts only with a perfect foundation, in turn, a perfect foundation givesthe radiating effect. Make up enhances your skin on your big day, helps you look more gor-geous and gives an utter lively effect to your skin that will stay put throughout your wedding.Like Hair Dressing, even make up needs the enough space and time before you walk the aisle. 6. 2013 A make up foundation makes your skin even and it helps adding colorfulcosmetics. The Foundation acts as a veil between the natural skin oil and the added cosmeticsbecause the natural oil of the skin has the tendency to dissolve the further make up. Yet, makesure, the foundation you bring in flawlessly blends with your skin tone as they take up the majorpart of makeup. Remember, a bad blending of skin and foundation has the potential to ruin theentire makeup irrespective of how hard you try it.From oily to dry skin type, makeup foundations are available ina variety and all you have to do is, pick the foundation that will certainly enhance your skin vari-ety. If you are a person with oily skin, your face tends to shine more. Foundations that isbest suitable for oily skin helps controlling the excess oil and keeps your skin relatively dry.Normal skin does not need so much of a head break as any for-mula would quite suit them, nevertheless, a liquid foundation will save you from looking heavilypainted or blotchy. Foundations that come with extra moisturizing elements will help the dry 7. 2013 www.indiarush.comskin to be lively and stops the makeup taking in all the moisture. Make up formulation thatcome in cream will last long and hydrates the skin. Makeup Foundations are available in plenty of colours and thebride must pick the one that rightly suits her. It is prudent to pick the shade when your skin is atits best natural tone and a foundation must be tried on the jaw-line to determine its shadeagainst your skin. Make up Foundation is of two types: The Yellow Tone Foundation and thePink Tone Foundation. While the yellow foundation is best suitable for Black Skin, SwallowSkin and Asian Skin, Pink Foundation blends well with the other skin types.How to apply makeup? 8. 2013 www.indiarush.comTo apply make up for an oily skin, the application of foundation must be at a good pace as theyabsorb the foundation very quickly. Applying makeup with one clean finger in the needed area togive a complete coverage for the skin would be a good idea, giving the complete effect.If you are a person with normal skin tone, powder foundation or powder liquid can save a lot oftime in applying the makeup. Powder liquid can be easily applied starting from the faces cen-tre towards working out outwards and the process will hardly take a couple of minutes. Liquidfoundation can be worked out foundation brush, gently working outwards and using a minimalamount around eyes. Mineral or Powder makeup foundation is the best one for makeup that willwant to last long. This makeup should be applied with the help of a large brush as they may notprovide the same makeup coverage of liquid.A foundation that is meant for Dry Skin blends well with the skin and only rarely they becomeblotchy. Concentrate on areas where it needs more coverage as Dry Skins tend to have few flaws. 9. 2013 www.indiarush.comSatin Strapless for a Wedding Party? Trace of elegance, a variety of clothes to be tried on, finalizing the onethat would grab hundreds of eyeballs while walking the aisle o course, a big day that naturallyneeds so much attention and picking up the smoothness of Satin indeed will unleashthe princess within you!Satin material, one of the kind that will stand out in any amount of crowd and a feel achievedonly by exploring its softness and a Strapless Satin Gowns for the unforgettable Occasion?Unavoidably, certain clothes are a challenge to choose from a ladyswardrobe, and so are Satin. Strapless Satin Gowns are very much suitable for any occasion ratherthan just wedding. Every Satin Gowns with simple make come in different style, length and sure-ly makes you look gorgeous, impertinent to whatever size you are. Satin Gown instantly casts thegrace you long for, and a strapless one will indeed make you look more sensual with the perfectneck cut and serenity when you are into the Gown. 10. 2013 www.indiarush.comNaturally, Satin is quite suitable for all almost all the weathers. To enjoya summer afternoons Engagement or an evening garden party, go all brilliant with your newStrapless Satin Dress and for an evening ball or for an official dinner party, a long Strapless SatinDress would be the cherry pick. Satins are friends with anyone, no matter what their age is. Any personcan go for a Satin Gown or Dress without the slightest worry. Many ladies who pick the bonedbodice out there, Satin wears stick with them in such a manner that the elegance takes furtherfame and takes the comfort level to much ease. If you are woman with good physic and reasona-bly proportioned, all you have to do is get the Satin Gown that is woven for a bigger frame.Strapless Satin Gowns are dresses that come in various shades, varieties,for all occasions and events, of course everything in the price you could afford. Get your princi-pal Bridal Party Wear with utter gorgeousness, a sophisticated bridesmaid wear for any age,Strapless Satin will do it all. 11. 2013 From Pink to Green, Black, Red, White and Lilac, Satin Strapless isavailable in any number of colours and the early 1950s choice would be perfect for any formalevent. A traditional Satin will look good and sophisticated for any kind of person disregardingtheir appearances. Some of the Satin Strapless Dresses offer Satin Shawls and extra ShoulderStrap which you can attach on any occasion ever you need o