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  • 1.Wedded BlissOur purpose is to give you the wedding of your dreams!

2. Our Facility Location 16004 Sam Houston Tollway Houston, TX 77032 Days/Hours Monday Saturday 8:00 AM 5:00 PM 3. Company 4. We offer threeweddingpackages to fityour needs!Eloquent, Elegant, Extravagant 5. 10-20 guests Refreshments andappetizers served Small floral designcenter pieces, bouquetsfor bride andbridesmaids Pictures of bride andgroom, bridalEloquentparties, and picturesduring the ceremonyPackage 6. 30-60 guests Buffet style meal Cake included Medium floral designcenter pieces, bouquetsfor bride andbridesmaids, floral pieceslining the ceremony Pictures of bride andgroom, bridalElegantparties, pictures duringthe ceremony, pictures ofthe receptionPackage 7. 80+ guests Three course meal Cake included Large floral design centerpieces bouquets for brideand bridesmaids, floralpieces lining the ceremonyand reception hall Pictures of bride andgroom, bridalExtravagantparties, pictures during theceremony, pictures duringthe reception, video of thewedding and receptionPackage 8. weddingday is theday toremember!We want to provide the best resources wehave available to YOU! 9. StaffContact InfoLeadLeadLead Consultant Caterer FloristAmber DaytonRolando EspinosaMelissa Bruha 832-764-2467 832-548-7831 832-752-7861Lead Photographer Danielle Garcia832-452-4821 10. moreinformation?Contact our senior consultant AmberDayton