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ONLINE & MOBILE Website Design & Hosting™ Website Design, Hosting, and Content Management Exclusively for Financial Institutions

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    Website Design & Hosting™Website Design, Hosting, and Content Management Exclusively for Financial Institutions

  • Website Design & Hosting™Website Design, Hosting, and Content Management Exclusively for Financial Institutions

    Your original website was a nice-to-have online marketing site. But as consumer expectations changed and web-related technologies advanced, financial institution websites evolved into virtual branches offering most in-branch services with the highly valued convenience of 24/7/365 accessibility. Your website has evolved into a monetized site that now represents a primary banking channel and mission-critical component of your digital strategy.

    As the online banking channel evolved and websites became significantly more complex, many financial institutions have realized they need:

    ■ Technical and hosting expertise that may not exist in-house,

    ■ Layered security solutions to detect and deter online fraud,

    ■ Intuitive tools to manage content,

    ■ Digital marketing support and search engine optimization (SEO),

    ■ Automated digital governance, and

    ■ Assistance conforming with dynamic regulatory mandates like ADA and WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1 and Section 508 standards.

    Working with the Web Solutions group from ProfitStars®, you gain the support of proven experts who have built sophisticated and engaging websites for more than 1,200 financial institutions. Each site leverages the industry-leading expertise and technologies required to design, develop, maintain, and host websites that support your unique and evolving needs.

    Website Design and Development Retailers have changed consumer behavior and expectations, and the expectations for financial institutions are no different – consumers now expect intuitive, attractive, engaging, and personalized online experiences.

    With Web Solutions, your institution will be able to move ahead with the experience and best practices to deliver modern site designs and navigational structures that provide elegant user experiences. This includes optimized page design and the ability to engage and entice site visitors to take the actions necessary to deepen existing relationship or become new accountholders.

    Using responsive design to build each website provides a consistent user experience regardless of the device used for site access. Responsive design also eliminates the need for standalone online banking and mobile banking solutions.

    Web Solutions experts who understand your institution can design and develop fully customized websites that reflect your branding and convey its personality or populate site templates with your specific functionality and content.


    Each website undergoes extensive user acceptance testing (UAT) and leverages contemporary coding standards, including custom HTML5 and custom CSS, and the latest web-related technology. Consistently using state-of-the-industry technology is extremely important. Websites dependent on aging and obsolete technology have significantly higher risks of security breaches and successful scams because contemporary fraud mitigation solutions are developed to support the latest web technology.

    Secure HostingToday, it is more important than ever for your website to be supported with production-proven, secure, and redundant hosting. Working with ProfitStars, you can leverage the operational infrastructure and hosting experience of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (JHA). This means your institution is backed by vast resources that are supporting the delivery of more than 200 SaaS solutions, including fully outsourced information and transaction processing for approximately 900 banks and credit unions.

    Digital Quality Management Inadequate management of even one digital touchpoint can have material legal, financial, regulatory, and reputational consequences. Digital Quality Management, an optional complementary solution, is an automated digital governance platform that monitors your website for virtually all aspects of digital quality assurance, including conformance with evolving accessibility guidelines, search engine optimization (SEO), branding and content checks, and more.

    Centralized, automated website crawls identify inherent issues ranging from basic errors like misspellings and broken links to significant deficiencies such as lack of accessibility by the disabled. These can have costly legal and regulatory consequences and negatively impact your reputation.

    Diverse financial institutions with unique digital governance plans and priorities will quickly gain measurable benefits from implementing Digital Quality Management. This turnkey, hosted solution immediately reduces the labor, time, expense, and risks of managing website quality assurance in a manual environment.

    Banno™ Website Solutions With increasing numbers of consumers willing to be “digital-only” today, how can you elevate your online presence and set your institution apart from your competition? What if you could make it easier for modern, on-the-go consumers to do business with you, build affinity for your institution, and deliver a consistent experience regardless of the user’s device or digital point of entry?

    The suite of Banno Website Solutions from ProfitStars includes innovative tools for website security, content management, and digital marketing, including:


    ■ Banno Monitor™ – This security solution monitors websites for unauthorized changes and defacement, DNS status, SSL certificate expirations, and more. Utilizing its 24/7/365 monitoring, you gain strict control over website content changes, help prevent website defacement and DNS hijacking, and ensure SSL certificate validity. Inaccessible webpages and webpages with broken links are also identified. Banno Monitor also maintains a complete website history with archiving functionality for all changes. A live website is compared with a control site to identify content changes, capture screen shots of all content discrepancies identified, and generate email alerts for any discrepancies detected. Timestamps are generated for every website scan, and copies of the website as it appeared to users during each scan are maintained. With Banno Monitor, you can monitor multiple domain names based on SSL certificates. It also automatically generates alerts for certificate changes, near-term SSL and domain expirations, and DNS record changes. The solution is an indispensable security tool that leverages sophisticated monitoring technology to systematically identify unauthorized and potentially malicious website changes and defacement that could materially impact both your virtual branch and your reputation.

    ■ Banno Content™ – This secure, reliable content management system (CMS) provides complete control over website content with the ability to make instantaneous or scheduled changes site-wide, 24/7/365. Built specifically with institutions like yours in mind, this user-friendly solution enables non-technical contributors to manage, organize, and update website content with strict permissions and established content approvals enforced. Its flexible workflow and automated approval chain mean your key stakeholders will approve all new and changed content before it goes live. The solution’s scheduling capabilities then deploy approved changes automatically. Banno Content includes image modification software and a user-friendly text editor for creating or updating text, headers, titles, and links. Non-technical contributors can easily build new pages, and create or modify navigational menus and submenus. Content management capabilities provide complete asset management and archiving of images, photos, and documents. Banno Content also supports ongoing updates to search engine meta information. When you use Banno Content, you’ll be better able to ensure compliance with related industry regulations with audit trails supporting all site changes and an archiving protocol for simplified compliance with Reg DD record retention requirements. You can also generate material operating efficiencies, reduce errors, and eliminate redundant updates with the ability to apply changes site-wide and to re-use existing archived content.

    ■ Banno Marketing™ – Created exclusively for institutions like yours, this digital marketing solution presents your website visitors with highly targeted, data-driven ads and promotions. It seamlessly monitors new and return visitors and engages them with relevant, timely ads based on their browsing history and the specific actions taken. Your existing accountholders are presented with promotions based on previous history, and new visitors are presented with your best-performing ads until a pattern of behavior is established. With Banno Marketing, you gain the ability to easily control ad placement and determine the results of all online marketing initiatives. The effectiveness of each initiative is accurately measured with near-real-time analytics. Ad hoc reports also can be generated to help you better understand visitor behavior, and the marketing data can be exported into relationship management solutions. Accurate visitor profiles are created by segmenting visitors into meaningful categories, including new and existing visitors; first and last visit dates; page visits; IP address city, state, and zip code; ad clicks; log-ins and usernames; and device type and operating system. Banno Marketing supports industry standards for data protection and audit support. With it, you can further monetize your digital channels by consistently engaging website visitors with precisely targeted ads that convert them into new accountholders.


    For more information about ProfitStars®, email [email protected], call 877-827-7101, or visit

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    Digital Marketing ServicesAs website technology and the online banking channel evolved, attracting and engaging visitors has become significantly more complex. Today, the most effective websites leverage digital marketing resources and expertise that most financial institutions do not have in-house.

    Web Solutions’ suite of digital marketing and communications services was developed exclusively to enhance your website and proactively support your specific business goals for the digital branch. These interactive services include:

    ■ Financial Literacy Content – Positions your financial institution as a trusted source of valuable and reliable financial education and guidance, and related resources. With it, you can connect accountholders to an extensive library of semi-custom educational content, including articles and infographics covering highly relevant topics ranging from home buying and personal financial management to security.

    ■ Search Engine Optimization Services – SEO services support your local search engine rankings by implementing organic search best practices. These services begin with a comprehensive SEO audit that identifies the opportunities and challenges inherent in your existing organic search approach. Once complete, keyword research is performed to identify the best ranking opportunities, and custom meta titles and descriptions are crafted for all website pages. As part of these services, website enhancements are recommended or website copy can be entirely rewritten to better support specific marketing goals and branding.

    ■ Social Campaign Services – Engage more effectively and efficiently with social channel audiences through custom social campaign strategies and tactical execution. These services begin with an initial analysis to clearly identify the social media opportunities that support your unique marketing and communication initiatives. Once the analysis is completed, consistent social media branding is established followed by the strategy, execution, and management of themed social media campaigns.

    The three service packages can be augmented with an array of additional digital services, including:

    ■ Full Website Copywriting – All website copy is rewritten by professional web copywriters to better represent your branding and tone, and with SEO-best practices and goals in mind.

    ■ Copywriting Blocks – Professional copywriters rewrite specific page content to support established marketing and branding goals.

    ■ Custom Analytics Tracking – Standard Google Analytics is augmented with custom tracking and reporting to further analyze conversion data on your website and through third-parties.

    ■ Digital Audit and Strategic Recommendations – Specific website opportunities are identified to help prioritize your digital initiatives.

    Time-Tested, Production-Proven, Industry-Accepted WebsitesWebsite design and development can be considered a commodity today. But supporting your unique and evolving website requirements requires a proven technology partner with the staff and experience to build sites that enable you to aggressively and successfully compete in the digital channel. With ProfitStars’ Web Solutions, you can leverage a production-proven understanding of the financial services industry to ensure that your digital experience – often the first impression in the highly competitive markets you serve – is a great first impression. ProfitStars is exclusively endorsed by the ICBA (Independent Community Bankers Association) as their Preferred Service Provider (PSP) for website design, hosting, and security. And the Web Solutions team of passionate experts is available to help your site continuously evolve to support dynamic business needs.