Webgeek Keynote: Mobile Developers Rock!

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Slide 1 MOBILE DEVELOPERS ROCK! presented by jim ayson smart developer network Webgeek.PH DevCup / 08.12.2012 version 1.0

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Our keynote talk for the WebGeek.PH DevCup. August 2

Transcript of Webgeek Keynote: Mobile Developers Rock!

  • 1. MOBILEDEVELOPERSROCK! presented by jim ayson smart developer network Webgeek.PH DevCup / 08.12.2012 version 1.0Slide 1

2. Slide 2 3. About the speakerJim Ayson heads the Partner Management teamat Smart. The team handles technologypartnerships, content providers and the developercommunity.Questions?Twitter: @jimaysonFacebook: facebook.com/jimaysonGoogle+: +JimAysonDownload the slides: Slideshare.net/smartdevnetSlide 3 4. My workmail:[email protected] Slide 4 5. Disclaimer! Some images here are not mine. Ill provide ATTRIBUTION to the originalcreators whenever possible! Image From YAHOO News (Photo credit: Voltaire Domingo, NPPA Images) Slide 5 6. Agenda The Post-PC world Its All Mobile! Developers are the heartof the ecosystem What SMART is doing This is the best time tobe a mobile developer! Go Forth and HACK Slide 6 7. The Post-PC WorldSlide 7 8. Image from Simon &SchusterSlide 8 9. Image from mbastudio.netiPhone in 2007 (modern smartphone)iPad in 2010 (the modern tablet computer)Slide 9 10. Image from Muycomputer.comThe Past. Slide 10 11. Mobile devices surpassed PCs in Source: Mary Meeker,2010Kleiner PerkinsSlide 11 12. We are in the post Web 2.0 era Forbes MagazineSlide 12 13. Web 1.0 The Static Web. Yahoo, Google, Amazon, AOL,eBayWeb 2.0 The Social Web. Facebook, LinkedIn, GrouponWeb 3.0 - Mobile The Age of Mobile. Instagram, Foursquare,Flipboard mobile-only apps!Slide 13 14. The Net has gone Mobile! Image from SamsungSlide 14 15. The Mobile App EcosystemSlide 15 16. Defined by Applehardware appsapp storeDeveloper programImages from AppleSlide 16 17. Developers, Developers, DevelopersImage from devblog.blackberry.com Slide 17 18. Also, Mobile Operators Slide 18 19. What SMART is doing for the appdeveloper ecosystem: Developer Program (DevNet) Developing tools (SDKs andAPIs) for the dev community Operator Billing for in-apptransactions Developer Events via Devnet Technopreneurship bootcampsand assistance via theIdeaSpace FoundationSlide 19 20. This is the best time to be a mobiledeveloper! Slide 20 21. Everyone is using Mobile Apps! Photo source: Intomobile.comSlide 21 22. Great developer ecosystemglobally and now in the PH! Slide 22 23. Big demand for app developers! Slide 23 24. Every tech startup needs developers!Slide 24 25. Some friendly adviceSlide 25 26. Go Forth and HACK! Slide 26 27. Slide 27 28. Join Hackathons and Dev Communities!Slide 28 29. Consider us too SMART Devnetsmart.com.ph/developer Slide 29 30. Sharpen Your Skills! Coding skills, Design skills, Business skills Slide 30 31. Today you might create an app Tomorrow you might conquer the world! Slide 31 32. YOU are the Future.Slide 32 33. Good Luck and Happy Hacking! Slide 33 34. The Endslideshare.net/smartdevnet Join our Facebook Group!facebook.com/groups/smartdevnet Code More Slide 34