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  • 1. Matthew Gill

2. Webers Inn Overview

  • One of the top Michigan hotels, Weber's Inn is a deluxe, full service Hotel, Restaurant, Banquet & Conference property. Founded in 1937 by Herman Weber, Weber's is still owned and operated by the Weber family, committed to guest satisfaction. It is the ideal business retreat during the week and an inviting family resort style hotel on the weekends and holidays.


  • Challenges:
  • Overcoming the competition in the area such as Campus Inn, The Earle, and Four Points by Sheraton.
  • Showing our customers how our elegant style is still affordable for their price range
  • Goals:
  • To gain more popularity by using online and social media.
  • Be able to gain more customers that enjoy their experience and continue to come back.

4. Demographic of Typical Customer

  • Families of 3 and higher
  • Business men and women
  • Ages 27-65
  • Senior Citizens looking for a weekend getaway
  • Wedding reception prospects
  • People looking for a classy bar to relax

5. Theme

  • The theme of our campaign is to show our target market how our classic Weber finesse can handle any wedding, convention, or business conference. The heart of Webers Inn is its name sake restaurant which has been delighting food and wine connoisseurs for seventy years.

6. The Twitter page helps connect with fans and lets them post about a great experience they had at Webers Inn. It is also a great way to let prospective customers know about any major events, dinner specials, or special deals they may be able to receive. 7. LinkedIn is great for connecting your business to your target market.With this your employees are able to network your business with their friends and then they can expose your business with their friends and so on. 8. The Webers Inn Facebook page is a great way to introduce what Webers has to offer even before customers enter the door.Webers Inn can post pictures, videos, reservation details and much more so that customers and fans can post about their great experiences. 9. Blogging

  • Blogging is an excellent way for current or prospective customers to share their experiences about Webers Inn with the rest of the digital world.
  • Blogs can both hurt or help your business reputation. Bloggers are free to write about anything they want about your company.
  • Some of the most popular blogging sites are,, and

10. In my opinion, the Webers Inn website is fantastic.It does a great job of showing many pictures to give people a great visual of what its like there.The is also a short video on the home page that explains more about Webers Inn and does not take up much time.It is very easy to navigate around using the helpful tabs at the top.Any piece of information a prospective customer may want to know about Webers is easy to find on the website 11. Advertising Ideas?

  • Creating a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn was a great start to digitally promote Webers Inn but I also believe creating a company blog would be another excellent way for customers to talk about their experiances and for Webers to promote any special events that may be occurring.
  • As for advertising within the local Ann Arbor community, I believe it would be a great idea for Webers Inn to sponsor any charity activities or events that are within the area.Specifically, I know the Mott Childrens and Womens hospital is in the area and is a great opportunity for Webers to promote their restaurant and hotel to that facility that has a monumental amount of people coming through each day.