Web viewMake 5 mcq’s from the lessons done. Do pages 7-113,55-58,89-92 in the Workbook. ......

Rayat International School,Railmajra Holidays Activities Session 2013-14

Transcript of Web viewMake 5 mcq’s from the lessons done. Do pages 7-113,55-58,89-92 in the Workbook. ......

Rayat International School,Railmajra

Holidays Activities Session 2013-14

CLASS-6 th


1. Course book-Tasks for F.A.12. Forms of verb-p-183(1-60)of blue grammar3. Writing- Practice paper BBC

Describing objects Notice Paragraph writing(91-92) Assignment(1-10)

4. Vocabulary- (Blue book of grammar) Idioms pg-411 Movements pg-505-506 Cries of animals pg-506 Young ones and homes of animals pg-507-508

5. Write headlines from the English newspaper6. Learn full syllabus covered till now

7. Do creative writing on the given topics: Which of these is a good way to spend the summer vacation-going on

a trek or sightseeing in the city? Highlight the importance of both the trips?

8. Choose any 5 festivals celebrated in the country. On a sheet of chart paper, note down the legends, practices and food associated with this festivals-share the information with the class.


Collect any 5 state population and write their number name in Indian and international system.

Write 10 telephone numbers of your relatives and friends and write its predecessor and successor.

Find the ages of any seven members of your family and write them in roman numerals.

Construct any figure (robot, giraffe, monument, etc...) using different angles, line segments, perpendicular bisector and label it properly. Use sharp pencil and color it neatly.

Practice your mathematics skill by revising exercises done till May 2013.


W.S pg-3,4,6,8 & 34 to 37

Revise the full syllabus (in written) Collect latest news on science & paste it on a notebook.


(I) Make a brochre of the place you will visit during vacations with the information as in which state is that place ,famous food, famous things, famous places ,photos if any,etc .2. Make a report of sun rise and sun set, maximum and minimum temperature of Delhi, Chandigarh, mumbai, calcutta,chennai( of 15 days)

(II) practice maps on page 6,12,14 five times each and stick those maps in a scrap book

(III) Make 5 mcq’s from the lessons done.(IV) Do pages 7-113,55-58,89-92 in the Workbook(V) Find out two Asian countries other than Saudi Arabia, that

produces petroleum .find the names of alternatives for petroleum.

(VI) revise the syllabus done till date thoroughly




Learn L-1, 2, 3, 4

Tool: MS-Word Competition: Create a Poem

Topic: She is like no other, My Mother”

Rules: The poem should be at least 2 verses long and each verse being 4 lines long. It should be the child’s own creativity.


1. Running -2 Km2. Sprints -100 m3. Warming up exercise – 7 to 10 m4. Balancing and Stretching exercise -10 to 15 min5. Set ups – 20 times6. Pushups – 20 times

7. Circuit training once a week8. Meditation and yoga – 15 to 20 min

Practice any individual game (your choice)