WEARESAVAGEOFFICIAL CLEF / Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FR Klub / Paris, FR Scène Bastille / Paris, FR...

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Transcript of WEARESAVAGEOFFICIAL CLEF / Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FR Klub / Paris, FR Scène Bastille / Paris, FR...

  • P R E S S K I T //////

    W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M

  • B I O G R A P H Y //////

    We Are Savage And Badly Infected (W.A.S.A.B.I.) is a French rock band from Paris. Their style combines several genres ranging from electro rock to nu-metal.

    Their influences include, but are not limited to, Papa Roach, Marmozets, Sonic Boom Six, Enter Shikari, P.O.D., Rage Against The Machine

    The band released in 2012 its first E.P. W and played over more than forty venues across Paris and its suburbs, since the creation of the band in 2010. W.A.S.A.B.I. is now hitting the road again this year 2016, to promote its debut album The Wicked Six, released in january 2016.

    W.A.S.A.B.I. was co-founded by Damien and Charlotte at the end of year 2009. They decided to work together on a musical project, in which the vocals would have a significant part. In 2012, the project took a particular turn, as guitarists Stphane and Greg joined the band. W.A.S.A.B.I. imposed its unique style as Dany took part as the third singer and keyboardist, adding electro samples and ambiance. The drums were then insured by Vince. Unfortunately, Greg left the band for personal reasons in 2014. But the band stood up and with perseverance and fraternal spirit, W.A.S.A.B.I. welcomed at the end of year 2014, Tom as the new drummer, which placed Vince as the second guitarist. These changes were officialized with the release of W.A.S.A.B.I.s music video WAS.

    W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M

  • W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M

    VINCENT BARRIQUANDGuitars + vocals

    charlotte gueguenVocals + bass

    danybandouElectro sample+ vocals

    Tom gadonnaDrums

    damienbrighigniVocals + bass


  • La CLEF / Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FRKlub / Paris, FRScne Bastille / Paris, FRMusic Day Festival / Rambouillet, FRMusic Day Festival @ Grande Scne / Beynes, FRTon Air de Brest / Paris, FRKlub / Paris, FRCentre Socio-Culturel / Trappes, FRLes Combustibles / Paris, FRBig Beynes Festival @ Barbacane / Beynes, FR

    Ze Tremplin Semi-Final @ La Salamandre / Chaville, FRCovent Garden / ragny, FRUsine Chapeaux / Rambouillet, FRGambetta Club / Paris, FRMusic Day Festival / Rambouillet, FRMusic Day Festival @ Grande Scne / Beynes, FRGibus Caf / Paris, FRBig Beynes Festival @ Barbacane / Beynes, FRSalle de la Tour / Voisins-le-Bretonneux, FRCul dChouette / Bologne, FRExcalibur / Reims, FRLa Petite Entreprise / Marly-le-Roi, FR




























    W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M

    Chiquito Bar / Paris, FRStar Caf / Paris, FRGibus Club / Paris, FRStar Caf / Paris, FRMeli Melongnes Festival / Longnes, FRMusic Day Festival / Rambouillet, FRStar Caf / Paris, France

    Opening for Crazy Town @ Batofar / Paris, FROpening for Tagada Jones @ 25 de la Valle / Chaville, FROpening for Mr Yy @ Le Zbre de Belleville / Paris, FROpening for Sonic Boom Six @ La Mcanique Ondulatoire / Paris, FR3IS Festival @ 3IS Institute / lancourt, FranceLe Buzz / Paris, FRMusic Day Festival / Chaville, FRMusic Day Festival / Rambouillet, FRCantine de Belleville / Paris, FranceCaf de la Plage / Maurepas, FranceZe Tremplin Finals @ La Salamandre / Chaville, France

    Espace Marc Lanvin / Bagneux, FRLe Sax (+ LEsprit du Clan + The Arrs + more...) / Achres, FRCAC Georges Brassens / Mantes-la-Jolie, FRR4 Festival (+ Luke + more...) / Revelles, FRSkillMSound Festival (+ Inna Modja + more...) / Herblay, FRKool Day Festival / Gargenville, FRLa CLEF / Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FRPub ADK / Roissy-en-Brie, FRPniche Antipode / Paris, FROpening for Sonic Boom Six @ Caf La Pche / Montreuil, FRLa Scne Michelet / Nantes, FRBarHic / Rennes, FRLa Grange Dmes / Ecouen, FRLa Chaoue / Metz, FRLe Kilberry / Reims, FRLArsenal / Nogent-le-Rotrou, FRThe Wicked Six Release Party @ Usine Chapeaux / Rambouillet, FR Be There / Paris, FR

    Batofar / Paris, FRKlub / Paris, FRBatofar / Paris, FRPixi Bar / Bagnolet, FR

    Klub / Paris, FRMusic Day Festival / Rambouillet, FRMusic Day Festival / Beynes, FR

  • D I S C O G R A P H Y //////

    EntertainmentE.P. (5 tracks)Mixed & masteredby Kvin Lopin

    W.A.S.A.B.I., 2010

    Available on Jamendobit.ly/wasabionj

    WE.P. (5 tracks)Mixed & masteredat Sainte-Marthe Studioby Guillaume Mauduit

    W.A.S.A.B.I., 2012

    Available on Bandcampbit.ly/wasabionbc

    With a solid mix of heavy rock, electronica and melodic singing, W.A.S.A.B.I. should have no problem getting any crowd on their feet.Music Review Unsigned

    Un premier album qui reprsente le renouveau dun genre, un apport de fracheur doubl dune ralisation qui frle lexcellence, limage dune pochette qui magnifie lobjet. dcouvrir imprativement. 17/20 - French Metal

    Entre mlodies harmonieuses et bonnes guitares satures, le groupe conjugue habilement des technicits novatrices sur lensemble de ce projet qui se veut trs entranant.Live Actu

    On na pas fini dentendre parler de W.A.S.A.B.I. et a ne fait que commencer. Jai mis sur eux et ne le regrette vraiment pas !18/20 - Hellsong.fr

    Les six membres de W.A.S.A.B.I russissent un trs bon premier album avec des titres varis et de trs bonne qualit. Ils collent parfaitement au style quils dfendent...Metaldream Forum

    W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M

    The Wicked SixDebut album (11 tracks)Mixed & mastered at Axone Studioby Guillaume Mauduit

    W.A.S.A.B.I., 2015

    Available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play & Bandcampbit.ly/TheWickedSix


  • V I D E O S //////

    All our videos are available on our Youtube channel.bit.ly/wasabionyt

    WASProduced by Karim Meg in 2015

    this is a callProduced by Aymeric Le Bouquin in 2016

    InvadeProduced by Karim Meg in 2014

    Lost SoulsProduced by Csar Callens in 2013

    7DeadlyProduced by Charlotte Gueguen in 2013

    EntertainmentProduced by Stphane Spatafora in 2011

    W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M


  • Stphane Bourgeon [Booking agent]+33 (0)6 84 89 11 [email protected]

    Corentin Bulard [Live sound engineer]+33 (0)6 33 50 61 36

    B O O K U S //////

    F O L L O W U S O N O U R

    S O C I A L N E T W O R K S //////

    C O N TA C T U S //////

    W E A R E S AVA G E O F F I C I A L . C O M

    Facebook : bit.ly/wasabionfbTwitter : bit.ly/wasabiontwYoutube : bit.ly/wasabionytInstagram : bit.ly/wasabioninstJamendo : bit.ly/wasabionjBandcamp : bit.ly/wasabionbc