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  • Hi. We are And here are 7 things* you need to know about us.

    * Based on a true story.

  • 1 We are pretty big. We are an independent shop. With over a hundred employees, three offices and $15 million in annual revenue we are one of the largest digital agencies in The Netherlands.

    (Not to brag.)

    (Were also one year away from being old enough to buy liquor (in Holland), founded in 1996.)

  • 2 We love the internet. The internet connects people. Everywhere. Regardless of geographical or cultural boundaries. This brings opportunities and threats. We embrace the opportunities.

    (And we hope it loves us, too.)

  • 3 We make digital concepts that fit. Winning digital concepts. That's our business. We like talking, but we love listening. This allows us to create smart and clever stuff that helps our clients reach their goals.

    (Women are right: listening rules!)

  • 4 We are friendly folks. Our people are our blood. Literally. A great idea isa great idea, whoever came up with it. We value individuality and give everyone room to wow our clients with awesome stuff. Including the interns!

    (Unless we play paintball.)

  • 4 This is us. (Weve Photoshopped one into a drag queen for no reason. Can you spot him/her?)

  • 5 We have really cool clients. And they ask us to make some pretty cool stuff. Wed love to show you some.

    (Theyre not reading this, so honestly!)

  • Online strategy, campaigns and conversion for the worlds best tv network.

  • Online Strategy, brand websites, campaigns and CRM enriching for the enablers of our Kit Kat habit.

  • Going from 0 to 100.000+ engaged Facebook fans in 5 weeks for the FIFA FIFPro Players Union.

  • Creating campaigns for a global phone brand.

  • Designing for web, shop, Facebook, apps and service for a huge retailer.

  • Creating digital campaigns and apps for the preservation of nature.

  • 6 We are taking the next step. After establishing our top position in the Dutch market, we are expanding beyond our borders. Why? For us its all about the journey. Our clients expect us to. And we want to show our skills & talent and win awards on an international stage.

    (Always keep it moving)

  • 6 So what does that mean for you? We believe in enriching our business, culture and knowledge through international partnerships. To optimize business, to work with the right people and to attract the biggest talent. We want to create a win-win for our customers, our partners and Tam Tam.

    (Everybody loves to make new friends.)

  • If you have any questions, Please contact Dimi Albers or Melanie van Wijngaarden + 31 6 4124 0787 + 1 61 0348 1412 [email protected] [email protected] And check us out on: http://www.facebook.com/tamtamnl http://twitter.com/tamtamnl http://www.tamtam.nl/