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-Home improvement know-how for women. -Find cool tools, tips and ideas.

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    HOME IMPROVEMENT. Its become a family endeavor. We all like to jump in and get our hands dirty, and when the job is done, we love to admire our hard work with a healthy dose of pride.

    The Womens Choice Award Best for Home Buyers Guide is an easy reference tool to inspire and assist you as you strive to make your home not just a house, but a haven. What makes this guide so special? Weve done the legwork for you. Women across the country have vetted their favorite and most relied-upon brands and awarded them with the Womens Choice Award designation. We showcase them herealong with practical, insightful tipsso you can condense the research phase and dive right into the home-improvement fun.

    The Womens Choice Award gives a powerful voice to women and offers a selection of top products chosen by the people who use those products most often. As you peruse the pages, remember that you are viewing products and services from the top-rated brands in their categories. Want to add your voice? Sign up, vote, win prizes and, ultimately, help other women in their home-improvement endeavors.

    Our interactive digital guide has links and videos. Click the links for special offers, product information and avail-ability. View the videos from our trusted partners to find tips and how-tos. Lets complete our projects and dive into new ones with the best brands as rated by women.

    Lets build it together.

    All the best,

    Delia PassiEditor-in-ChiefFounder, Womens Choice Award

    Yes, You Can!

    *Look for these icons to access bonus content,

    videos, tools and brilliant ideas you can use today to

    feather your nest.






    FIND YOUR STYLE. Most garage doors come in one of three styles:

    Traditional: These doors usually contain panels that can be recessed or raised, short or long. Adding windows gives them a distinctive look.

    Carriage House: High on historic charm, carriage varieties offer the look of swinging stable doors but the functionality of a door that opens vertically.

    Modern: These doors generally use materials such as aluminum and glass to make a contemporary design statement.

    CHOOSE YOUR MATERIAL. Steel is durable and low maintenance, but can dent or rust if not cared for properly.

    Vinyl resists dents, is rust-free and never needs to be painted, but it isnt recommended for climates with extreme heat or high elevation.

    Premium woods are beautiful but usually need to be painted, stained and water-sealed every few years, depending on sun and water exposure.

    Fiberglass looks a lot like wood but requires a coat of clear protectant every few years.

    Aluminum and glass demand almost no maintenance but generally dont provide much insulation, so they may not be ideal for extreme climates.

    SELECT A COLOR. Prefer a subtly elegant door? Or perhaps one that pops? Color allows you to customize your door in a way that suits your personal aesthetic style.

    ADD ACCESSORIES. Windows, panels and decorative hardware such as hinges and handles lend flair that can set your home apart.

    UPGRADING YOUR GARAGE DOOR IS one of the top three home-improvement

    projects nationwide for return on investment, according to Remodeling magazine.

    Thats partly because, visually, the garage door represents a large portion of your

    house. Infusing a little style into this seemingly mundane part of your property can

    make a major difference in how people (including you) view it aesthetically. Follow

    these style tips to ramp up the appeal of your garage doorand your entire home.

    On the Cutting EdgeOverhead Door Corporations founder, C.G. Johnson, invented the upward-lifting garage door in 1921 and the electric garage door opener in 1926. Today, Overhead Doors beautiful, innovative products and reliable instal-lation, service and support have earned it a prestigious Womens Choice Award for four years running.

    Whether you intend it to or not, your garage door makes a major style statement about your home. Why not make it a good one?

    Boost Your CurbAPPEAL

    Brought to you by

    A 2013-2015 Womens Choice Award Winner

    TEST RUNGet a feel for how various style, color and material options would look on your home with the DoorView visualization tool at overheaddoor.com.

  • Overhead Door has more of what women want in a garage door system. Thats why were the winner of the prestigious Womens Choice Award. In fact, our garage doors and openers make things so smooth, convenient and secure, weve taken some of the fuss out of lifes daily ups and downs.

    So we thank the more than 5,000 female consumers who were surveyed by WomenCertified. Overhead Door is the garage door women recommend most. After all this time, its nice to know women appreciate all our good qualities.

    1-800-929-DOOR www.overheaddoor.com

    Experience the Overhead Door difference.Call your local Overhead Door distributor today for installation or service.

    Attractive.Reliable. Convenient.

    Discover the Garage DoorWomen Adore.


    Top STYLEShingles can dramatically enhance, or detract from, your homes

    aesthetic (and monetary) value. This guide will help you get it right.

    THE LOOK OF YOUR ROOF changes the lookand worthof your entire home.

    Follow this four-step checklist to determine the ideal shingle style to keep your

    house attractive, safe and marketable for many years to come.

    Wood. Wood has a distinct aesthetic, but its usually about twice as expensive as asphalt for roughly the same durability. Also, some fire codes, especially in the West, dont allow wood shingles. In that case, you might consider asphalt shingles designed to look like wood.

    Slate. This gorgeous, extremely durable (think 50-year life span) shingle style has long been a favorite in the Northeast, thanks to the availability of slate from regional quarries. Its often prohibitively expensive, however, and can be too heavy for some roofs. A possible solution: a proprietary material from Womens Choice Award winner GAF called TruSlate. It uses genuine, top-grade, hand-cut slate, treated with a waterproof material. The result: It cuts the amount of slate needed in half, greatly reducing cost and weight.

    SELECT YOUR STYLE. The style of your homeranch, colonial, mountain, modern and so onwill likely be the greatest determining factor of your shingle style. You may want to cruise nearby neighborhoods to assess styles you like and dont like on similar homes. See Try Before You Buy for other style-selection strategies.

    CHOOSE YOUR COLOR. Personal style is importantdo you prefer subtle colors? Bold hues and stark contrasts?but be sure to weigh other factors, too. For example, lighter shades reflect sunlight, which keeps your home cooler, while darker shades warm it up by absorbing light. Color mixes and trendier hues are appealing but may go out of style sooner. Also, think about complementing not only the color of your house, but also accents such as brick or stone walls or porches.

    FIND THE BEST CONTRACTOR. First, know what questions to ask: Is the contractor licensed by your state (or province)? Adequately insured? Does the roofing company have a proven reputation for reliable, quality work? Is it committed to ongoing professional education? One way to ensure that the answer to all these questions is yes is to use a GAF Master Elite contractor, who had to pass these and other stringent tests to earn the Master Elite seal.

    CONSIDER THE MATERIALS. Not every material is suitable for every roof. Consult with an expert contractor you trust before you set your mind on a particular style. Here are three popular options youll find:

    Asphalt. The most common and usually most affordable roofing material, asphalt shingles are versatile and durable (look for a lifetime limited guarantee).

    TRY BEFORE YOU BUYGet a feel for how various shingle colors and styles will look on your home by uploading a photo to the Color & Style Guide. Unsure which exterior colors match your design tastes? Upload your photo or use the gallery in our Virtual Home Remodeler to select the perfect exterior for your home.

    Brought to you by

    A 2013-2015 Womens Choice Award Winner


    SECTIONAL SOFAS. Whether two-sided or three-sided, sectional sofas continue to make their style mark in living rooms around the world. Who can resist the temptation to stretch out and relax? Todays sectionals come in plenty of designs, from modern to timeless, and feature fabrics such as natural leather and leather match, soft chenille and more. As a bonus, look for practical touches, perhaps divided back cushioning for lumbar support or consoles with storage and cup holders.

    ENTERTAINMENT FURNITURE. Comfort is king as you settle in with your flat-screen TV. Power-operated reclining mechanisms, deeper-seated sofas and affordable home theater setups are all part of todays functional living rooms.