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How to choose which social media channel(s) to use for your business and tools to help with time management.

Transcript of WBON 2014 Spring Conference Social Media Mastery Workshop

  • 1. Social Media Mastery Staying focused in an ever-connected world www.sproutnewmedia.com
  • 2. andwhy are we here? Today well cover: How to choose the best social media channel(s) for your business How to manage your =me and energy eciently How to manage success (ROI) Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com Youll leave with: A beEer understanding of which tools are best for your business Tools to help avoid overwhelm An ac=on plan for when you leave here today
  • 3. Why does social media matterreally? Information Resource When you provide ongoing, valuable informa=on, you become a primary resource that your followers look to for informa=on. Relationship Building The KLT Factor: W h e n p e o p l e Know, Like and Trust you, they will buy from you and tell all their friends about you. Content Creation Google loves fresh, updated content. Create valuable c o n t e n t , a n d G o o g l e w i l l eventually reward you with a higher search ranking. 24/7 Selling You cant possibly be out there selling all the =me, but the internet never sleeps. Let it work for you by being your 24/7 sales machine. Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com
  • 4. YOU Post your messages Engage in conversation Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com How it works But how do we know what network(s) to use?
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  • 6. Whos your customer? Millennials Facebook (84%) Instagram (37%) TwiEer (31%) Pinterest (27%) LinkedIn (15%) Age 18-33 Facebook (79%) LinkedIn (27%) Pinterest (24%) TwiEer (19%) Instagram (18%) Age 34-47 Facebook (60%) LinkedIn (24%) Pinterest (23%) TwiEer (9%) Instagram (6%) Age 48-65 BoomersGen Xers as of Dec 2013 - source: mediabistro.com
  • 7. Male vs. Female (total users) 66% 76% Overall, women are more ac=ve on social media than men. Women are also 4 =mes more likely to use Pinterest, where men spend more =me on LinkedIn. Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com 80% activity is on mobile devices
  • 8. How to get raving fans ENGAGE Save them time Save them money Make them smile Gain their trust Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com Engagement is more valuable than # of followers
  • 9. Time management Get BIG results in just 15 minutes a day! 2. Set it for 15 Minutes 3. When times up, STOP Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com Dont get sucked down the rabbit hole 1. Find a Timer
  • 10. Online tools to save you time Hootsuite Buffer TweetDeck Manage mul=ple feeds in one place. Write & schedule future posts. Web, desktop, & mobile apps. Free and paid versions. Owned by TwiEer. R e a d m u l = p l e streams and post. Advance pos=ng feature. Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com Schedule updates in advance for mul=ple networks. Web and mobile apps. Free and paid versions. www.buerapp.comwww.hootsuite.com www.tweetdeck.com
  • 11. But how do we measure ROI? Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com
  • 12. 12 These days, instead of budgeting time and money to advertising, I spend it in social media, connecting with people in groupsenjoying REAL relationships that have nothing to do with selling something. ! I have more clients, more referrals, more connections more happy me. Ruth D. Overheard on Facebook Start small. Take your =me. Reach out. Grow your business online. You CAN do it!
  • 13. Need help? Reach out! twiEer.com/lisawood facebook.com/sproutnewmedia pinterest.com/lisawood2 www.sproutnewmedia.com Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com
  • 14. Address: 112 S. Main St. #224 , Stowe VT 05672 Phone: 802.253.4600 Email: lisa@sproutnewmedia.com www.sproutnewmedia.com Thank you : )