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About Waveform Series Sakurako Shimizu is a New York based artist, designer and independent curator. Since 2007, she has been working with the shape of digital sound. Waveform Series consists of laser-cut shapes of various sounds, rendered in silver, gold or other precious metals and presented as wearable jewelry. In the exhibition context this project included a DVD player and a monitor: the audience could enjoyed both the object and the actual video of a sound wave played back. Human expressions such as yawn, sneeze, or giggle were used for earlier pieces. Bell is a silver cuff bracelet adorned with a waveform of church bell In 2008, Sakurako extended the project to custom made wedding bands with waveform of a couples own voices. I do offered a unique opportunity to own a timeless representation of your partners voice.

From Left: Silver ring, 7mm wide, size11, 18K yellow gold ring, 7.5mm wide, size 11, 18K pink gold ring, 6.5mm wide, size 6 1/4

Available material: silver, platinum, 18K white/ yellow/ pink gold, 14K white/ yellow gold I use the white gold alloy with palladium which does not contain any nickel. The color is grayish white color, not yellowish white color. Hardness: 18PG > 18K YG > 14K YG > Platinum&18K WG > 14K WG > silver


Wedding ring Price (in USD)

US/Canada Ring sizeup to 6 6 1/2 7 7 1/2 8 8 1/2 9 9 1/2 10 10 1/2 11 11 1/2 12 12 1/2 13

18K Silver475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475 475

18K PINK Yellow1090 1105 1120 1135 1150 1160 1175 1190 1205 1220 1235 1245 1260 1270 1280

14K White940 955 970 985 995 1005 1015 1025 1035 1045 1065 1075 1085 1095 1105

14K PINK Yellow895 910 920 930 940 950 960 970 980 990 1000 1010 1020 1030 1040As of May, 2011

Platinum1455 1490 1515 1540 1565 1600 1625 1650 1675 1700 1735 1765 1795 1825 1855

White1130 1150 1165 1180 1195 1210 1225 1240 1255 1270 1305 1320 1335 1350 1365

18K , 14K = 18 karat and 14 karat gold.

Print and cut-out to see the actual size on your finger Please ask for any special request

For better visibility of your waveform, 6mm to 8.0mm width are recommended for wedding band. (Minimum width is 5.7mm) Wider ring (wider than 8.0mm) can be made by request.


Engraving letter or number inside/outside of a ring is available with additional cost - Hand engraving $5 /letter, number (does not count period, comma, and slash) - Machine engraving $15 - $20 /ring How long does it take? It takes about 4-6 weeks to receive your piece. (depending on domestic or international order) Please let me know if you need to receive your piece by specific date. I will be in abroad from July 9th to August 9th, 2011. Please place an order in June for July and August wedding. For September wedding, I can make it in August. Design process After I receive your sound file, I will produce a 2D draft with a couple of options with different ring width. Test bronze ring I will mail you a couple of bronze test rings to check the size and fitting before making the actual ring. You will see (and feel) the thickness, width, and the style before deciding your final choice. Checking your size with the test ring helps to avoid shipping your ring back and forth to resize which is additionally complicated if you have any engravings on the ring, Shipping cost of the test rings is on me. Measuring your ring The best way to get your ring size is going to your local jeweler to measure. If you have trouble to measure your ring size, please contact me. Finger expands a little bit in summer. If you are making your ring in winter, I recommend NOT making your size to fit tight You can tell me your ring size in your countrys ring size. Shipping Shipping costs will be charged on your final bill. Please ask for accurate estimate. Methods of payment Check, Credit cards (visa, or master), money order, wire transfer, or Paypal are accepted. (My Paypal email is:sakurakoshim@yahoo.com) Only for NY State resident, 8.875% sales tax will be applied. Deposit A deposit of 1/2 of the price will be paid when you place an order. (After you see your design draft is fine) After your piece is created, (I usually email you a picture) you will pay the rest and the shipping cost.


How to record your voice for your ring I use free sound editing software, Audacity. You can download it to your computer and use your computer to record your voice. If you have a laptop, it probably has a built-in microphone but if you have a desktop or old computer, you may need to purchase an external microphone to attach to your computer. Its not expensive. 1. Go to Audacity website, http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ to download the software on your computer . (click the link above) Download either new or old series according to the system requirement for the version of your Windows or Mac. Download Audacity Zip file if you cannot run the installer with your Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista 2. Open Audacity folder (for Windows) or dmg file (for Mac) appeared on your desktop. Mac: You will find a headset symbol in the dmg file. Click to open the recording page


3. Record your voice/sound (this view is for Mac. Window s program may look different)


I usually click the minus lens button 1-3 times to make the waveform lines into a shape to laser cut. You can see the final shape by doing it, too. For some waveform, this process is not necessary.

4. If you are satisfied with the shape of the waveform, save your sound file. File Save Project as

Saved file will be look like these on your desktop on Mac

it may look like this

5. Please email me only your au file.

For any special request and questions, please contact to: Sakurako Shimizu 442-D Lorimer St #161 Brooklyn NY 11206 USA Phone: +1-917-664-5695 Fax: +1-718-387-2868 Email: info@sakurakoshimizu.com Website: www.sakurakoshimizu.com