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  • Watershed Services

    Bucks County Conservation District Bucks County, Pennsylvania

    Taylor GeoServices (TGS) staff provided planning, coordination, oversight and planting of several re-vegetation and tree vitalize projects. Target planting areas were identified and native plants were selected based on the conditions of each area. GIS plans were used to identify site features, soil types, topography and show planting areas as well as selected plants. TGS staff also provided guidance and assisted the County and volunteers during the plantings.

    Planting Plan for Bucks County Tree Vitalize Project

  • Watershed Services

    Taylor GeoServices (TGS) staff provided planning, coordination, and oversight to the Buck County Conservation District for their Pidcock Creek stream bank restoration.



  • Watershed Services

    Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

    Taylor GeoServices (TGS) staff installed stream gauging equipment in the Wissahickon Creek to record real time water quality parameters to the watershed group. Using solar power and telemetry, data is uploaded to web based applications where staff is able to review water quality and provide hands on learning opportunities during their training programs.

  • Watershed Services

    Boroughs & School Districts Delaware County, Pennsylvania

    Taylor GeoServices (TGS) staff has assisted community and school organizations with various watershed improvement projects. From stormwater management to streambank improvement and plantings, TGS has the resources to complete these projects from start to finish, or provide cost saving measures by working with our clients to provide assistance and guidance as needed. TGS worked with a Borough and community organization to design and install a rain garden in a local park. The rain garden was part of an effort to improve stormwater runoff in a local park and was completed in conjunction as a local Girl Scout troop project. To conserve resources, TGS provided plans and technical guidance, a local landscaper provided equipment and materials, and the Girl Scout troop planted. TGS staff has provided watershed education, guidance and assistance to numerous school, community and volunteer organizations. TGS staff recently worked as an advisor to an environmental group at Strath Haven High School to install a stormwater management bioswale on the school grounds.

    Simple Rain Garden installation; Volunteer streambank stabilization; and, Student advisor for High School stormwater bio-swale.

  • Watershed Services

    Surface Water Quality Analysis and Aquatic Sampling Pennsylvania

    Taylor GeoServices (TGS) staff has performed annual steam sampling of the macroinvertebrate community in surface waters adjacent to the Conestoga Landfill in Berks County since 2009. This sampling helps determine the relative health of the stream system.

    TGS staff conducted fish counts and stream quality evaluations in Washington County Pennsylvania after a tanker truck of toluene was released into a tributary of the Monongahela River. The spill and resulting fish kill prompted an emergency action to identify the magnitude and extent of the contaminant releases impact on the receiving stream.