WaterColor Amy Tanner. wa·ter·col·or ˈwôdərˌkələr,ˈwädərˌkələr / noun noun:...

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WaterColor Amy Tanner

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Transcript of WaterColor Amy Tanner. wa·ter·col·or ˈwôdərˌkələr,ˈwädərˌkələr / noun noun:...

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WaterColor Amy Tannerwatercolorwdrklr,wdrklr/nounnoun: watercolour; plural noun: watercolours; noun: watercolor; plural noun: watercolors; noun: water-colour; plural noun: water-colours; noun: water-color; plural noun: water-colors

artists' paint made with a water-soluble binder such as gum arabic, and thinned with water rather than oil, giving a transparent color.

a picture painted with watercolors.the art of painting with watercolors, especially using a technique of producing paler colors by diluting rather than by adding white.Watercolor Techniques

Objective/Goal: By the end of class time, students will be able to finish the watercolor techniques worksheet, by demonstrating an understanding of these painting strategies. Students will also write 1-2 paragraphs on how you apply the principles and elements of art and how they can be used in watercolor.

Materials: WatercolorsWorksheetBrushes WaterTapeWater Student Learning Target(s): By the end of class today I can finish the watercolor work sheet and write 1-2 paragraphs about how I can use the principles and elements of art in my watercolor paintings.

Albrecht Durer:21 May 1471 6 April 1528

First journey to Italy (149495)He made watercolour sketches as he traveled over the Alps. Some have survived and others may be deduced from accurate landscapes of real places in his later work, for example his engravingNemesis.

Young Hare 1502 Watercolor

Georgia O KeeffeNovember 15, 1887 March 6, 1986

She worked in pencil and watercolor until 1982 and produced objects in clay from the mid-1970s until two years before her death in 1986, at the age of 98.

Paul Cezanne18391906

Write 1-2 paragraphs

How would you apply the principles and elements of art to watercolor?Elements & Principles of Art

Elements of Art(building blocks of visual art)Shape / FormColor Value Texture Space / perspective

Principles of art(use or arrangement of the building blocks of visual art)PattenRhythm / MovementProportion / ScaleBalance Unity Emphasis