Water Can Jump!!!! Hydraulic Jump Phenomena

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Water Can Jump!!!! Hydraulic Jump Phenomena. Bader Anshasi Matthew Costello Alejandra Europa Casanueva Robert Zeller. Introduction. Due to excess kinetic energy (Fr> 1 ) Results in "jump" to a higher fluid height Increase in Potential Energy Seen both in nature and industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Can Jump!!!!Hydraulic Jump PhenomenaBader AnshasiMatthew CostelloAlejandra Europa CasanuevaRobert Zeller

IntroductionDue to excess kinetic energy (Fr>1)Results in "jump" to a higher fluid heightIncrease in Potential EnergySeen both in nature and industryRapids, waterfallsDams, spillwaysPrimary function is to dissipate energyIncreased TurbulenceReduce erosionReduce damage to structures


Hydraulic JumpTheoryJump RequirementsOccurs during Rapidly Varied FlowWhen flow depth changes rapidly in the direction of flow within a short lengthFlow changes from supercritical to subcritical condition

Froudes NumberPhenomenaFlow depth increases abruptly with the formation of eddy currentsKinetic energy is converted to potential energyResults in a change of height When eddies downstream of the jump break up, the fluid entraps airThe fluid loses energy after a jumpLeading to many practical applications

Types of Hydraulic JumpsNo hydraulic JumpUndular JumpFor (1 < Fr1