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project on watches of indian industry and foreign industry

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BYRITESH RANJAN MMMB43SANDIP KUMAR MMMB44Watch industry of IndiaHistory of watches For thousands of years, devices have been used to measure and keep track oftime.The currentsexagesimalsystem of timemeasurementdates to approximately 2000BC, insumer.Theancient egyptiansdivided the day into two 12-hour periods, and used largeobelisksto track the movement of the Sun. They also developedwater clocks, which were probably first used in theprecinct of amun-re, and later outside Egypt as well; they were employed frequently by theAncient Greeks, who called themclepsydraeThe earliestclocksrelied on shadows cast by the sun, and hence were not useful in cloudy weather or at night and required recalibration as the seasons changed.The earliest known clock with a water-poweredescapementmechanism, which transferred rotational energy into intermittent motions dates back to 3rd century bcIndia is under penetrated market for watchesOnly 27% of Indians own a watchTotal estimated volume as per 2009 is 45mn unitValue of rs 3000 croresPast Proportion of Indian market is below rs 500 croresMarket has been split into low end , Mass market , premium & luxury brand.


COMPONENTSUPPLIERWATCHINDUSTRYBRANDWHOLESELLERRETAILER TITAN AT GLANCEFounded in : 1987Head quarter Housr ,IndiaArea served -4 continent and 32 countries India and other Countries , especially Middle East Asia , Asia Pacific and Africa- Key People-Xerxes Desai- FounderKEY FACTWorld 5th largest manufacturer of watches-Manufactured 1000 million watches till date-100 million customers , 265 Exclusive showroomsBacked by 700 Service centersFocusing on Design of watches-Introduced Braille watchesProduct rangeRaga Diva NebulaOctane Heritage Edge Orion

Price rangeRaga Rs 4000 - 9500Nebula - Rs 2600 - 8500Octane - Rs 5250 - 7000Orion Rs 3200 - 8000promotionAdvertising Electronics & Print adsSales promotionEventsLaunch of a storeHoardings/BillboardsTARGET SEGMENTDemographic age 6-12, 12-19 ,20-34, 35-49, 50-64 ,65+ Gender - male & female Occupation Professional , Retired ,Students- Lower class, middle class , upper class Psychographic life styles , Culture oriented , Sports Oriented ,Outdoor Oriented

BehavioralBenefits quality service and economicalUser Status Potential users ,First time users-regular user ,non-userBrand ambassadorAAMIR KHANRANI MUKHERJEEMARKET INFORMATIONTitans Watches Division has 60% share of the domestic organized watch market , which is estimated at 42 million pieces annually and growing at 80% year on yearPlans to sell 17 million watches this Fiscal year Compared with 90,00,000 is 2007-2008Watches currently contributes 30% of Titans revenue and this division is expected to grow 20% this First against 18%Timex watchTIMEX WORLDIn market since 150 yearsRanked no-1 in USA in 2001Largest selling Brand in USA & CANADAFocus Quartz based wrist watch in IndiaLowest cost watch manufacturer in the worldJOINT VENTURE WITH TITANCompany market share growth from 12% in 1998 to 28% in 2008TARGET MARKETYOUTH , KIDS ,HIGH END FASHION,LUXURY SPORTS ,ATHLETICSTIMEX TECHNOLOGYData linkPerpetual Collection CalendarWater Resistant WatchIronman TriathlonDISTRIBUTIONEspiritNauticaPierre CardinSalvatore FerragamoBrand ambassadorBrett lee -360 degree marketing Collections-Conversations Starters (Rs 1550 -8550)Torque Collections (Rs 2495-4995)Timex act golf collections-(Rs 1995-5995)Reebok timewear (Rs 3500-8000)Joint ventureDisney Designer WatchesReliance Mobile Vessace Valentino


Founded in 1848

OMEGA RANGE OF PRODUCTSGents collectionLadies CollectionFine Jewellery and CharmsFine leather and BagsPROMOTIONSponsorship with Sports -Official time keeper of every -Olympic sport since 1932 -Promotes two major events in India -Promotes two major events in India a)sailing and golf

Omega Olympic limited Edition water released 88 days before the start of the BEIJING OLYMPICS

Omega &James bond limited edition watches with 007 Engraved clasps BRAND AMBASSADORGEORGE CLOONEYABHISHEK BACHCHAN SONALI BENDRE

Tie ups with nasa &issInternational space station also represents a new era of the Omegas longstanding with space exploration.

TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN INVOLVEMENTEstablished world class recognition for their expertise in manufacturing movement.Best known for their unique co-axial movementWhich was initially released to the market place in 1999SWATCH IN RUSSIA Till 2006 year Jamil & Company shop distributed the SWATCH in RUSSIA

Product has wrong position on Russian marketIt was defined as usual expensive watchCustomer didnt pay attention to the product

From 2007 onwards , SWATCH distributor started to develop the Swatch brand in India-

A lot of independent official Swatch outlets appeared in largest cities of RUSSIASWATCH product found the most popular in RUSSIA market

PROMOTIONSwatch produces the model for everybody. Inspite of this they define young people as their target audience

The factor of SWATCH popularity-value of moneyacceptable price for swiss watcheswide range of models quality and reliabbilitygood warranty & conditionsopportunity buy swatch product online SWATCH ADVERTISEMENTTV COMMERCIALBILLBOARDSFAMOUS MAGAZINES


TISSOTIntroduced in the year -1853Founder Charles Felician TissotFirst company to make watch in plasticIts parent company is SWATCH TISSOT merged with Omega watch making company in 1980

Brand ambassadorDEEPIKA PADUKONEMICHAEL JAMESNICKY HYDEN MOTOR CYCLE RACERKEY FACTS130 outlets allover the country25 cities and townsAttracts peoples from all walks of lifeHuge CustomerIrrespective of nationality200 designs every year starting price Rs 8000 onwardsconclusion Watches has become an integral part in the life of human . It seems that watch is the soul and body is the heart. The life of the human is totally dependant upon the time.