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Wastewater treatment Clean Water Treatment Slide 2 Slide 3 Wastewater treatment Clean Water Treatment Slide 4 About Dryden Aqua Started trading 1984, focus molecular sieve ion exchange filtration Primarily a research and development company, initial focus, water treatment in aquaculture & aquarium systems New products had to be developed to try and resolve water treatment issues. One of our main products is AFM (Active Filter Media) Dryden Aqua became a manufacturing company Products and technology now applied to; Aquaculture & Public aquaria Swimming pools Landfill leachate Drinking water, surface, borehole and ground water Pre-treatment prior to UF ultra filtration, and replacement of UF Pre-treatment prior to RO membranes for desalination Part of the treatment system in high purity water for semi-conductor manufacture Slide 5 AFM is the recommended filter media for all public aquaria, aquatic mammals and zoological parks Slide 6 40,000 AFM systems installed in Europe. AFM is the leading manufactured filtration media for the industry. Slide 7 Dryden Aqua wins top award in Dubai October 2012 Dubai Channel 1 News Slide 8 Slide 9 Activated sludge fine bubble diffused SBR system supplied to Saudi Arabia for the city of Medina, AFM filtration can be used on the discharge from the system to provide class 1 irrigation water. Slide 10 FP7 Research Eco-India, drinking water treatment for India, arsenic, flouride, iron and biosecurity Slide 11 Research and Ethics Eco-India and FP7 research project to remove arsenic Scottish Government survey of pool industry to quantify environmental status of the industry Nation Health Service collaborative project to determine the toxicity of disinfection by-products Technology Strategy Board of the UK, development of zero waste, water treatment strategy Scottish Government Hydro-Nation initiative Slide 12 AFM filters getting ready for dispatch, from Dryen Aqua warehouse and AFM production facilities in the back-ground Slide 13 Direct replacement for sand in all types of sand filters, for clean water and waste water. Slide 14 Wastewater AFM mechanical filtration tertiary treatment Slide 15 Wastewater tertiary treatment AFM may be used in existing pressure sand filters or rapid gravity filters There is no requirement to use moving bed filters, but AFM can also be used in moving bed filters to improve performance Bed depth 300mm to 1200mm Hydraulic loading, relates to solids load, usually around 5 m/hr, when solids are over 50mg/l. Under 50 mg/l SS, flows can be increase to 10 m/hr Back-wash at 55 m/hr after air scour AFM media will last for the life of the filters. Should never need to be changed. Slide 16 AFM is being used to treat landfill leachate SBR no sedimentation, AFM solids load, approx 200 mg/l. Product water After AFM < less that 20 mg/l Other waste water applications municipal waste water brewery effluent, yeast control farm / agricultural waste effluent from anaerobic digesters Industrial waste water; circuit board manufactures, chemical industry, oil platforms Effective for hydrocarbon polishing, and heavy metal removal Slide 17 Wastewater after humus tanks from fixed film biofilters or activated sludge Before & after AFM filtration full scale installation solids 80mg/l down toSlide 18 TYPE OF FILTER SS. (mg/l) Performanc e % Turbidity ntu Performance % bacteria Performance % Velocity inletoutletinlet outletinletoutlet m3/m2/h RGF sand filter with sand 7.142.2693.52.233623120.012300.0461.2 Pressure filter with sand 8.183.82535.874.76182231118023194.96 Moving bed sand filter with sand 7.083.82462.131.79161406710307265.4 Drum filter 10 micron 14.667.33507.163.88455671238460323.23 Disc Filter 10 micron 5.63.1442.222.0673045021138302.12 Ring Filter 10 micron 7.413.98463.013.17 94477761172.5 AFM Pressure filter 10.600.8996%2.980.2492 %230001000058 %3.59 AFM performance for the tertiary treatment of sewage effluent compared against different technologies Independent tests conducted by Spanish Water Company and reported in Technology del Agua, December 2009, page 47. AFM media in a pressure filter out-performed all other technologies, some of which were 10 times the cost Slide 19 Tertiary treatment of sewage effluent comparative evaluation of a high quality Sand against AFM using Gravity Sand filters independently certified under identical conditions Slide 20 AFM Run-phase & back-wash profile Tertiary treatment using Rapid Gravity Sand filter The graph shows the build up of pressure in the Sand filter followed by the back-wash. Run phase performance & back-wash frequency is variable. Periods where most of the water channels through the sand bed are self evident. Channelling through bed Slide 21 Run-phase & back-wash profile Tertiary treatment using Rapid Gravity AFM filter. AFM filter media, run phase performance and back-wash frequency. Same run phase duration between a back-wash, no by-passing or channelling of waste water through the bed, stable & predictable effluent quality Slide 22 AFM removes chemicals Works effluentAFM product waterAFM back-wash 4.6