Washington's administration

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Washington’ s Administrat ion 1789-1797

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Transcript of Washington's administration

The American Revolution

Washingtons Administration1789-1797

Treaty of Paris, 1783

George Washington1st POTUS 1789 1797

The Precedent President

100% of electoral vote = unanimous!


Led Continental Army during Revolution, had faith and trust of the entire nation.

Step 1: Pick a Good TitleHis Elective Majesty?His Excellency the Supreme Commander in Chief?His High Mightiness, the President of the United States and Protector of their Liberties?His Highness the President of the United States of America and Protector of the Rights of the Same?Mr. President

Henry Knox, Secretary of War aka the Muscle

Step 2: Choose a CabinetThomas Jefferson, Secretary of State aka the Smooth TalkerAlexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury aka the Money Man

Step 3: Choose a plan.FederalistsLed by HamiltonFeared anarchy more than tyrannyElitist, distrusted common manLoose interpretationWanted:Strong federal government to preserve independenceNational debt as investment in successStrong ties with BritainUS as an industrial, mercantile power

Democratic RepublicansLed by JeffersonBelieved limited government preserves liberty Patrician, trusted the common manStrict interpretationWanted:Weak federal government to preserve libertyAgainst national debt

Strong ties with FranceUS as an agrarian nation

ComponentProConA) Fed Govt assumes states debt

B) Sells debt to investors as govt bonds

US builds credit

Investors become stakeholders in fed govts successEconomic elites control nations finances

Southern states had paid debts; felt it unfair to help North

Hamiltons Economic Plan

ComponentArguments For ItArguments Against ItEstablish natl bank

Issue money; handle taxes, receipts, and other govt. funds.Bank investors become stakeholders in fed govts successFear of plutocracy (rule by the rich)Is it constitutional?

Hamiltons Economic Plan

ComponentArguments For ItArguments Against ItTariff (tax on imports)

Raise money for new govtSpur industrial growth by making US manufactured goods more competitive against foreign goodsSouthern states import more, will pay unfair share of taxes

Hamiltons Economic Plan

ComponentArguments For ItArguments Against ItExcise tax on whiskey

Sin tax on immoral product

Will raise significant funds Targets poor frontier farmers who distill corn into whiskey for transport

Hamiltons Economic Plan

Price of Southern Agreement =City of Washington, District of Columbia

Washington vs. the Whiskey Rebellion

Judiciary Act of 1789

Six Supreme Court justices; 13 districts in 11 statesFirst Chief Justice John JaySCOTUS jurisdiction over all cases involving a stateAppellate jurisdiction over federal circuit court decisions and state courts challenging any federal law

French Revolution, 1789

50%Interest payments of national debt25%Military expenditures6%Court life at Versailles19%Running the countryFRENCH ANNUAL BUDGET IN THE 1780s

French Revolution, 1789

French Revolution, 1789

Commoners3rd EstateAristocracy2nd EstateClergy1st Estate

The Suggested Voting Pattern:Voting by Estates111

Louis XIV insisted that the ancient distinction of the three orders be conserved in its entirety.

French Revolution

Help our ally fight Britain?Proclamation of Neutrality, 1793Why entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition ? It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world. Farewell Address, 1796

Washingtons Foreign AffairsTreatyWithWhyResultJays Treaty (1794)BritainUnpaid private debts to Britain British forts around Great Lakes, impressment of American sailorsSecured NW border, normalized trade relations with BritainPinckney's Treaty (1795)

SpainSpain feared close American-British relationsDefined SW border with Spanish territory, opened Mississippi to tradeTreaty of Greenville (1795)coalition of Native American tribesLittle Turtle defeated by Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne at the Battle of Fallen TimbersNative Americans ceded Ohio to US

Disputed Territorial Claims Between Spain & US, 1783-1796

Indian Land Cessions: 1768-1799

Washingtons Legacy

First cabinet and other precedentsJudiciary Act of 1789Suppressed Whiskey RebellionSecured borders and foreign policy of Isolationism Warned against political partiesEstablished two-term tradition