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Updated and mashed together longer version of metameets and cave paintings v2. Includes unity3d and opensim Premise is still don't get stuck on "thats the way we do things" there is an explosion in both thought and technology out there

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  • 1. Washing Away Cave Paintings Virtual Worlds and Beyond Ian Hughes/epredator Metaverse Evangelist Taking a bite out of technology so you dont have to www.feedingedge.co.uk/blog
  • 2. epredators workplace
  • 3. I always hear these virtual world excuses. I dont have time. Why would anyone want to... We already have telephone/ email/websites.... NOTE! Happy to answer these still
  • 4. Have you ever met, or been, someone scared or dismissive of virtual worlds? Have you ever met, or been, someone scared or dismissive of
  • 5. User Generated Content Distribution platform Content Creation Tools http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cave_painting,_Anthropos_(2).jpeg Human We need go no further we have got this Communication covered now thanks!
  • 6. Its all the same thing? More Web? Web PPT Film/TV Books Cave Media and volume changes Painting
  • 7. Are we washing away the cave painting? A new disruptive technology? Threatening all business and government and social structures? Embrace it or wither and die! Banksy by badjonni http://www.flickr.com/photos/38834306@N00/2470166108/
  • 8. YOU can connect with anyone Be disruptive, be persistent, be patient. The biggest obstacles are all human Dr Victoria Hale, Founder of OneWorldHealth
  • 9. Boss Sub Sub Sub Boss Boss Boss Minion Minion Minion Minion Minion Minion Minion Minion Everywhere is local
  • 10. So many good reasons to just be virtual...but..
  • 11. Messing with the metaphor Why does this have impact? It felt strange
  • 12. Its Not All Second Life
  • 13. Build Your Own. OSS/Free/Inexpensive
  • 14. Island/Sim/Room I VW Avatar (cc) http://www.flickr.com/photos/parkylondon/2683151688/
  • 15. Design Duplicate Distribute Digitally
  • 16. Computer Device Cave Painting
  • 17. Inputs, lots of them Brain Haptics Touch Motion http://www.emotiv.com/ Realtime web and sensors Better puppets Mind Melds Or
  • 18. Design Manufacture Distribution Product Life Cycle Management Cave Painting
  • 19. Every person http://www.fabjectory.com can: Design Duplicate Distribute & Manufacture Anywhere Any Device http://www.desktopfactory.com/