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    Marintec China , 29 November - 2 December 2011, Shanghai

    1 Wrtsil 25 November 2011

  • How to minimise SOx the Alternatives

    CHANGE TO MGO Run full time on Marine Gas

    Oil (MGO).

    Convenient No change over ...but expensive


    CONVERT TO LNG Convert engines to run on

    gas (LNG).

    A solution which also reduces NOx and particulates ...Wrtsil believes

    strongly in marine gas markets

    USE SCRUBBERS Install an exhaust gas

    cleaning system (scrubber).

    Works with high % S fuel. ....works in combination with SCR.....lowest total lifecycle cost

    + + +

    3 Wrtsil 25 November 2011

  • Bit Viking - The first LNG conversion project in the world

    Classed GL* 100A5 E3 ESP IW NAV-OC Chemical Tanker Type-2 Oil Tanker with Double Hull MC E3 AUT * INERT RP2-50% Ice Class 1A (Swedish/Finnish) Particulars Deadweight 25.000 MT Length over all 177 m Service speed 16 knots

    Bit Viking

    4 Wrtsil 25 November 2011

  • Bit Viking

    Key factors to start Bit Viking LNG Conversion project

    Why LNG Conversion?

    - Tarbit shipping together with Statoil want to have one of the safest and most enviromental friendly chemical tankers in the world

    - To fulfil new IMOs 2015 regulations concerning SOx emissions - Funding from the NOx Fund - Gas is the future for shipping

    5 Wrtsil 25 November 2011

  • Content

    1. A brief history of Gas fuelled vessels 2. Bit Viking conversion project 3. Bunkering 4. Conclusions

    25 November 2011 6 Wrtsil

  • A brief history of Gas fuelled vessels

    Year Vessel Tank size Supplier Class Installed power

    Bunker rate

    2001 Glutra 2x32 m3 Cryo Ab DNV 2,7 MW 36 m3/h

    2003 Viking Energy

    230 m3 Cryo Ab

    DNV 8,0 MW 95 m3/h

    ~23 vessels ordered and built with tank size range of 90-250m3 and bunker rate of 36-95 m3/h

    In 2011 Wrtsil entered the market and became technology leader at once

    Year Vessel Tank size Supplier Class Installed power

    Bunker rate

    2011 Bit Viking 2x500 m3 Wrtsil GL 11,4 MW 430 m3/h

    25 November 2011 8 Wrtsil

  • Bit Viking conversion Fuel handling

    Bunker stations

    LNG tanks

    Tank room and aux room

    25 November 2011 9 Wrtsil

  • Bit Viking conversion the scope

    25 November 2011 10 Wrtsil

    Ship Design Upgrade by Wrtsil Ship Design Norway 2 x 500m3 LNG Tanks, double wall, type C Gas feed pipes Gas Valve Unit in enclosure Main engine conversion Nitrogen system Exhaust Gas System Modification

    Torque meter for power measurement Vessel automation upgrade Propulsion software upgrade Low Voltage system upgrade Gas and fire detection system Fire Fighting upgrade LNG theory and onboard training for customer

  • Many different firsts

    L N G LNGPac

    First LNGPac delivered by

    Wrtsil First Gas Valve

    Unit in enclosure

    First Dual-Fuel engine in

    Mechanical drive application

    First Dual-Fuel engine marine


    First Dual-Fuel single main

    engine approval

    25 November 2011 11 Wrtsil

    L N G LNGPac

  • Transportation

    Road and barge transportation

    25 November 2011 13 Wrtsil

    2 x 500m3 LNG Tanks, Double wall Type C Weight 225t Lenght 33m Height 7,5m

  • Lifting operation at yard Floating crane from Denmark as

    yard lifting capacity restricted Weight of empty tank: 225 ton

    2,3 times the weight of 6L50DF

  • Cooling and Bunkering

    Courtesy of Skangass

    Full scale LNG bunkering from Risavika terminal in Norway

    25 November 2011 19 Wrtsil

  • Conclusions

    Time to market in 2 years Complete gas propulsion train First LNG conversion Largest LNG tanks: 2 x 500m3

    Fastest bunkering: 430 m3/h Superior gas availability: 99%

    25 November 2011 21 Wrtsil

  • Thank you

    Lennart Haraldson [email protected]

    25 November 2011 22 Wrtsil

    Wrtsil Environmental ServicesCase: Unique conversion of Bit VikingHow to minimise SOx the AlternativesBit VikingBit VikingContentA brief history of Gas fuelled vesselsBit Viking conversion Fuel handlingBit Viking conversion the scopeMany different firstsTransportationLifting operation at yardCooling and BunkeringConclusionsThank you