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  • 1. Warli Paintings By: Rupesh Dhinde SIMSREE M12010 MMS1
  • 2. Outline Introduction Theme Artists Paintings
  • 3. Introduction Art form of Indian indigenous tribe Warli Found in Talasari and Dahanu talukas of northern Maharashtra and in some parts of Gujarat First discovered in early seventies Painted white on mud walls Similar to pre-historic cave paintings
  • 4. Theme Depict social life Used to decorate walls of houses Rice paste is used as color Triangles, circle and rectangle are main components
  • 5. Jivya Soma Mhase M.F Husain of Warli paintings Exhibited paintings in Jahangir art gallery in 1976 Internationally recognized Won PadmaShree Award in 2011
  • 6. References www.warli.in Warlipaintingsart.blogspot.in www.adiyuva.in AYUSH
  • 7. Thank You