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    Rules pack 2015





    [email protected]

    LOTR Utrecht is onderdeel van

    Stichting Spel en Dans

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    Version December 2014

    General information


    Clubgebouw Vijverkwartier

    Thorbeckelaan 5

    3705 KJ Zeist

    Signing up and cancellation

    Signing up is necessary to join our events. This can be done at

    http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c054aacab22a1fc1-deelnemers or by sending an e-mail to

    [email protected] at least three days before the event.

    Cancellation can be done in the same way as signing up by using the same page, or by

    sending an email to the organization.

    After signing up, the entrance fee has to be paid via bank transfer at least three days before

    the event.

    NL38INGB0006733173 t.n.v. Stichting Spel en Dans

    If a participant did not cancel at least three days before the weekend and doesnt show up at

    the event, there will be no restitution of the entrance fee.

    Signing up for spectators is not necessary.

    If, on the day of the event, it turns out you are unable to come, or if you are delayed, please

    contact the organization by calling to 06-15545428.


    Entrance fee bank transfer Entrance fee at the cash register

    3 days before the weekend at the event day

    donors category A

    1st day of the month: free free

    2nd and 3rd day: 5,- 7,-

    Sat. evening*: free free

    donors category B

    1st day of the month: free free

    2nd and 3rd day: free free

    Sat. evening*: free free


    1st day of the month: 8,- 10,-

    2nd and 3rd day: 7,- 9,-

    Sat. evening*: 5,- 7,-

    *free if participating in the Saturday or Sunday event


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    Overnight stay

    It is possible to stay overnight at the location, which might be practical for those who have

    to travel far and wish to participate on both days of the event or stay a long time on the

    Saturday evening. The overnight stay will take place in the tournament room in between the

    tables. It is very much appreciated if the participant brings his own air matrass. There are,

    however, mattresses present at the location which can be used after reservation. Sleeping

    bags and pillows are not present and therefore need to be brought along by the participant.

    The location contains no showers.

    Things that need to be brought along


    - your army, movement trays and army list

    - publications of all models in your army

    - entrance fee (unless paid in advance)

    Not essential but allowed (preferably marked):

    - personal dice and templates

    - personal tape-measure

    - Magic spell cards

    Things to take care of

    - bank transfer of entrance fee

    - sending in armylist

    - sleeping materials if staying the night (mattress, sleeping bag, )

    - lunch

    Things that are taken care of

    - coffee and tea (free)

    - printed scenarios

    - tables with scenery

    - dice and templates

    - tape-measures

    - FAQs

    - tray for transporting models


    Participants are expected to bring their own food. There is a C1000 nearby (open on

    Saturday until 9 p.m., Sundays 12-18) and a snack bar / Chinese take-away.

    A fridge and a microwave are present at the location which can be used freely.


    Due to the increasing amount of digital material tablets are allowed and need to be

    sufficiently charged. Tablets can also be used for the armylists and publications such as

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    codexes and armybooks. Due to the size laptops are not allowed.

    IMPORTANT: bringing tablets to our events is at the owners own risk.

    Casual event

    The events of LOTR Utrecht, including the tournaments, hold the fun of playing and

    sportsmanship in high regard. Though it is always attempted to place equally experienced

    players against each other so they can fully enjoy their game on their own level, new and

    young gamers are equally welcome to have a great time participating.

    So called cheesy armies and a cheesy way of playing are not appreciated.

    Random winners

    At the end of each event an additional winner will be randomly selected from all participants

    present to enable everyone a chance to go home with a prize. Of course, those who have

    already won a prize, and the members of the organization are excluded from this.


    The members of the organization

    -enjoy the hobby as much as any of us and try to participate in the games when possible.

    They can even form teams with non-organization participants.

    -will not be able to win prizes by participating in our events.

    -will have their ranking of the event they participated in displayed to show their


    -are the reserve players and will miss games to even the number of players.

    -are the only ones allowed on the platform and into the storage room. Participants are only

    allowed there on invitation.

    -are available for help, questions and judgement calls.

    For each tournament, one of the members of the organization is designated the referee. He

    is the primary judge for the game and he is available for questions about the game and the


    Important: All participants are expected to follow the guidelines given by the organization

    and to abide their decisions during the events.


    In case of questions about the rules of the game please use one of the following means to

    obtain an answer:

    - the rulebook

    - the supplemental book

    - the official errata (accessible at the public laptop during the event)

    - the forum on our web site

    - an email to the organization

    It is also possible to ask your question to the organization during the events.

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    Collective clear-up

    At the end of every event we will collectively clear up the materials. The organization will

    hand out crates in which the materials can be stored. Each crate has a label saying what

    materials should be put in which crate. When in doubt where to put something, please ask a

    member of the organization. Mind that a full crate is a full crate. If scenery is crammed in the

    crates the scenery might get damaged.

    Only members of the organization are allowed in the storage room.


    Any trash is to be put in the trashcan (near the bar) as soon as possible and used dishes to be

    cleaned immediately. This way the gaming area will stay clean and neat. Because the

    materials on the playing tables stain easily, food and drinks should under no circumstances

    be placed on them. Empty tables, shelves along the walls and the bar can be used to place

    the food and drinks on.

    Please do not put things like bags in the walkways and only place models and other playing

    materials on the gaming tables.

    Please close the gate behind you when you pass through.

    Alcohol and drugs prohibition

    Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in the building and on the surrounding terrain.

    Participants and visitors are not allowed to consume alcohol and use drugs during the event

    both on the terrain and outside of it, including Saturday evening. Also, participants and

    visitors are not allowed on the terrain if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is

    prohibited to smoke inside the building and next to open doors. Smoking is allowed on the

    terrain and outside of it.


    The organization is not liable for damage or theft of properties of participants or visitors.

    All participants are expected to have their own health insurance and carry the insurance

    card with them, in case an emergency happens.


    A separate FAQ can be found on the website for each of the following elements and will be

    updated regularly.

    -Lord of the Rings

    -Warhammer Fantasy

    -Warhammer 40k

    -Skirmish Games

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    The Tournament

    Timetable 3 round-tournaments

    8.00 Opening location

    9.45 Check-in

    10.00 Word of welcome

    10.15 12.15 Round 1

    12.15 Lunch break/painting

    12.45 15.15 Round 2

    15.30 18.30 Round 3

    18.45 Award ceremony

    19.00 Collective clear-up

    19.30 Evening program (Saturday only)

    Army construction

    8th edition

    An army must be constructed using all official rules except the following:

    --The special End Times Magic, stated in End Times Khaine (page 8-17) will not be used

    during this tournament.

    -No characters or single-model units allowed with a point value larger than 750 points.

    -No more than 1600 points can be spend on the first army.

    -No more than 2000 points can be spend on the second army.

    -No more than 2400 points can be spend on the third army.

    All three armylists need to be constructed using the same armybook and have the same

    General and Battle Standard Bearer but may receive additional upgrades in larger games).


    All official Games Workshop and Forgeworld publications and Errata

    When units appear in multiple publications the newest version