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Slajd 1

Beauty is our entire Poland

Podlaski Voivodeship It is located in the north-east of the country,in the geographical center of Europe. Podlaski Voivodeship includes areas of Podlaska Lowland, Suwaki Lake District and the Mazowiecka Lowland. Through its center flows Narew River. The capital is Bialystok.

Bialystok - Branicki Palace

Bialystok - Branicki Palace

Biaystok Branicki Garden

Biaystok Lubomirski Palace

Biaystok - Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Biaystok - Orthodox church of St. Nicholas

Biaystok - Orthodox church of Holy Spirit

Biaystok - Church of St. Roch

Bialystok - bird's eye view

oma and Narew River

Meanders of Narew river




Augustow Canal connects the Biebrza River (the tributary of Narew) with the Neman. Runs through the range of Augustw lakes and valleys of two rivers- Netta and Czarna Hacza. The total length of the Canal is over 101.2 km including 80 km on Polish territory, 17.8 in the territory of Belarus is a 3.4 km stretch of the border. Canal has 18 locks, 14 of them are located in Poland, most of them survived preserved in an unaltered technical shape at today. They allow to overcome the difference in the levels of 54.04 m.Augustow Canal

Augustow Canal - Paniewo Sluice

Kana Augustowski sluice in Dbowo

Sluice in Mikaszwka

luza Dbowo

Bielsk Podlaski - a street with old wooden buildings

Drohiczyn - View of the Castle Hill

Tykocin - historic buildings in the vicinity of the former Little Market

Tykocin Market

Tykocin - church St. Trinity and the monument Hetman Stefan Czarniecki

Supral - Basilian Monastery Complex, the oldest object in the complex is of the Annunciation Church from sixteenth centurybuilt in the Gothic-Byzantine style (in Europe, survived only three such churches.)

Supral - Monastery of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary and the Renaissance garden

Buchholtz family palace in Supral

Dominican Monastery in Sejny

Grka - wooden manor of family Daszkiewicz

Augustow Primeval Forest - a large forest complex located in Podlaskie province, on Lithuania and Belarus. The entire surface of the forest is about 160 thousand ha, of which the in Polish borders there are over 114 thousand ha. In this area there is Wigry National Park. By Augustw Forest lead almost all canoe trips in Suwalki - by the rivers: Black Hacza , Rospuda, Marycha, Blizna and Channel Augustw. Within the Augustow Forest is located whole the Augustow Lake District with the picturesque lakes, such as:Necko, Rospuda, Biae, Studzieniczne, Sajno, Serwy.

In the forest you can see a small chapel on the tree

and by the road Jesus stands

The forest meadows

Staczyki overpasses near Godap, highest overpasses in Poland, they were part oflocal rail system, arcaded structure 32m high and 150m long, were built in 1926.

Lake Sajno

Rospuda River it's headwaters of the river is Netta (right tributary of the Biebrza). Flows through the Suwaki Lake District and north-western part of the Augustow Forest. The length of the river is about 102 km.

Among forests and swamps - meanders of Rospuda River

Dolina Rospudy (Rospuda Valley) is one of the most unique peatlands in Europe with totally undisturbed water relations. It is under protection as it is the habitat of many rare species of animal and plant life.

Rospuda in spring

and in the full summer

Rospuda River - canoeing

The Rospuda Valley - range Mysko

The Rospuda Valley near Lake Jaowo and range Sacred Place

Range Sacred Place

Wigry Lake

Wigry - Monastic complex founded in the seventeenth century by the Catholic Order Camedolite

Camedolite Monastery

Bialowieza Forest - a vast complex of forest, a remnant of ancient wildernesses, is located in the Podlaskie and on Belarus. A area of whole wilderness amounts more than 1500 km2 (of which in the Polish borders 620 km2). This is the last remnant of natural forests in the lowlands European.In the Bialowieza Forest is located in Bialowieza National Park (BNP).

Bialowieza National Park

Bison - the undisputed king of the forest



Hunting wildcat, is a bit larger than the domestic cat

White-backed Woodpecker

CraneEagle owl - the largest owl in Europe

Black Stork

Landscapes of Podlasie

Krynki known from that it has a unique spatial arrangement - like in Paris, the streets radiate out from the six-lateral market.

Krynki - orthodox church Nativity of the Virgin

Krynki - Hasidic synagogue from Slonim

Krynki - Youngest synagogue "Caucasian Beth Midrash."

Krynki - Parish Church of St. Anna

Kruszyniany - Tatar mosque in the late eighteenth century

Music F. Chopin; Nocturne for piano No. 21 in C minorIllustrations - downloaded from web sitesThe presentation prepared by Annathe endBorderland cultures