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Slajd 1

Beauty is our entire Poland

d VoivodeshipWarszawa - Teatr Wielki

Zielona Gra i winniced Province is located in the central part of the country - the geometric center is located in the village Pitek in the district czyca. Province lies on the border of two major geomorphological units: the Central Europe Lowlands and Uplands Polish. The northern part of the region is dominated by large and almost flat plains, while in the southern hills. The regional capital is the city of Ld, here there are many of state universities and 15 non-public high schools. There are also branch offices in major cities of the region. The largest industrial centers are: d Industrial Region (formerly Textile) and Piotrkowsko-Belchatowski Industrial Region (Belchatow - energy, mining, Piotrkow Trybunalski - precision industry, logistics)

d was the cradle of Polish cinematography

d - Liberty Square

Tadeusz Kosciuszko Monument to the Liberty Square - the central square in Lodz

Church of Sts Trinity - Freedom Square

City Hall in the Freedom Square

d - a city at night

Izrael Poznanski's Palace

Izrael Poznanski Palace - view from the garden

d - Palace of Izrael Poznanski now the Museum of the City of d

The Museum of the City of d

The Museum of the City of d

The Museum of the City of d

The Museum of the City of d

Maurice Poznanski Palace

Palace of Karol Poznanski - now the headquarters of the Academy of Music

Maksymilian Goldfeder Palace

Palace brothers, Charles and Emil Steinert in Lodz

Scheibler Palace

Palace of Jarisch

In addition to magnificent palaces prewar factory owners in Lodz, there are also such backyards

"White Factory" of Ludwik Geyer

The gateway to the former empire of Poznanski textile, now a shopping and entertainment center called "Manufactura "


Manufaktura inside

d - residential estate

d - residential estate

Garrison Church of St. George - former Orthodox church of St Alexius

University of d - Faculty of Physics and Informatics

Uniwersytet University of Lodz - - Faculty of Management

The State Higher School of Film and Theatre in Lodz

d - Cathedral of St. Stanislaus Kostka

Orthodox Cathedral in Lodz

Church of Sts. Teresa

Poznanski Mausoleum at the Jewish cemetery in Lodz

Old Cemetery in Lodz - Monument of Sophie Biedermann

d - a meeting on the Factory Railway Station

Park on the Jasie River in d

Royal Castle in czyca

Castle in Uniejow

Palace in WalewiceMrs. Maria Walewska was the lover of Napoleon

Sokolniki - Palace of the family Bniski

Wooden mansion in Oarw

Cistercian Abbey in Sulejow

Courthouse in Piotrkw Trybunalski

Great Synagogue in Piotrkw Trybunalski, present Main Public Library

Piotrkw Trybunalski Market Square

Piotrkw Trybunalski former monastery of the Dominican Sisters

Wielu the City Museum

Surrounding of Wielu

Sulejowski Reservoir - the dam in Smardzewice

Sulejowskie Lake

Sulejowskie Lake

Spaa the well-known resort - a monument of bison in the park

Church of Our Lady Queen of the Poland in Spala

Pilica meanders near Nowe Miasto nad Pilic

Nowe Miasto nad Pilic Granowski Palace and Park

The historic Train Station in Skierniewice

Skierniewice - the park gate.The Park was a place of recreation Russian Tsars

Bechatw - brown coal open pit mine

The most modern in Poland - the multivessel excavator

The Bechatw Power Station SAthe largest thermal power station in the world

Music - Waltz in B minor, op.69 No 2a Frederic ChopinIllustrations - taken from an accessible websitesA presentation prepared - Annathe end