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Slajd 1

Beauty is our entire Poland

Lower Silesian VoivodeshipWarszawa - Teatr Wielki

Kodzko - panorama

Already 750 years BC area of Lower Silesia was inhabited by tribes of the Lusatian culture farm, 300 years later began to arrive Celtic tribes, representing a higher level of organization and production techniques, they quickly assimilated with the local population and the mountain Sleza became the center of the Celtic cult of the Sun. The tribes gathered around this religious and political center were called "Slezanie" from their name is derived the name of the region - Silesia. Modern History of Lower Silesia is a very rich and tumultuous, I just mention that initially ruled here the princes of the Piast dynasty, after the Tartar invasions and the division into small principalities, in the mid-thirteenth century, Silesia was addicted to the Czech. From 1526r. Austrian Habsburgs seized it and since 1742 came under Prussian rule. In 1945 it returned to Poland.

Sudetic Foreland - Sleza Massif

We set off from Wroclaw - on the horizon we can see peak Radunia and the volcanic cone of la

At the summit of Sleza is the television mast at its foot lies a small town - Sobtka

View from the castle tower on top of Sleza

The prehistoric cult sculpture at the top of Sleza

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on la

Castle on the la

The Knights' HallCorridor in the hotel part of the castle

Sobtka - sanctuary of St. Anna

Sobtka Market Square

Sobtka - Market Square and St. Jacob church

Street of St. James - that way leads "Camino" - Route of St. James

Old town of widnica

The completly wooden Church of Peace in Swidnica (UNESCO)

The Church of Peace

The Church of Peace in Swidnica

widnica - the Church of Peace

widnica The Strzegomska Tower

Trzebnica The Town Hall

Trzebnica Shrine of St. Silesian Hedwigj, beside the shrine of St. Adalbert in Gnieznoand St. Stanislaus in Cracow, is the oldest pilgrimage site in Poland.

Trzebnica - monastery complex with the Basilica of St. Hedwig and St. Bartholomew, is the sanctuary since the fourteenth century, because here there is a tomb of the St. Hedwig

The tomb of St. Hedwig

Milicz - Eighteenth-century neoclassical palace

Church of Sts. Andrew Bobola in Miliczmodeled on the Peace Church in Swidnica (Construction of a wooden frame,fill so called half-timbered)

Milicz - Church of Sts. Andrew Bobola with a capacity of 2 thousand. People; antique organ from the 18th century

Grodno castle

Grodno castle

Lubi - Cistercian Abbey

Lubi - Cistercian Abbey

Lubi - Cistercian Abbey

Lubi - Cistercian Abbey

Krzeszw - Cistercian Abbey

Krzeszw - Cistercian Abbey

Krzeszw - Cistercian Abbey; Shrine of Our Lady of Grace

Henrykw - Cistercian Abbey

Henrykw - Cistercian Abbey

Henrykw - Cistercian Abbey

The another charming town of Lower Silesia - Bolesawiec

The Boleslawiec Market Square


The Town Hall in Boleslawiec

Palace in Kliczkw near Boleslawiec

Kliczkw the manor complex

Kliczkw Palace the theater hall

Zgorzelec this is a boundary town, before 1945 it was of the right-bank part of the city of Grlitz

The frontier Old-town Bridge - Zgorzelec-Grlitz

The bridge over the Neisse Lusatian, which in this stretchforms the border between the Poland and German Republic

Lignite mine Turw in Bogatynia near Zgorzelec

Bogatynia generating station Turw

Czocha Castle

Czocha castle

Bolkw - is a picturesque village which is dominated by the powerful medieval castle, which was once one of the largest strongholds of widnica and Jawor princes.

Bolkw castle

Bolkw the town

The town hall in Jawor

Bokw palace

Legnickie Pole - Baroque church of St. Hedwig (monument of 0 class) and the former Benedictine abbey

Catholic church of Sts. Hedwig in Legnickie Pole

The castle in Ksi

Castle in Ksiaz and manor buildings

Ksi - the gardens of the castle

Castle in Ksiaz - the ballroom

Lubin Town HallLubin lies in the center of Legnica-Gogw Copper District and is the seat of KGHM Polish Copper,of one of the leading producers of copper and silver

Szyb w kopalni Lubin Gwny

Lubin - Shopping-amusement center Cuprum Arena

Legnica - Market Square and Old City Hall

Legnica Market Square

Legnica houses with arcades

Legnica a historic Post Office building

Legnica - St. John church

LegnicaStreet of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the depths of the Evangelical Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Legnica the Catedral

Piast Castle in Legnica

the endMusic - Preludium Des-dur op.28 nr 15; F. ChopinIllustrations - downloaded of web sitesPresentation is prepared by - Anna