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Slajd 1

Beauty is our entire Poland

Lesser Poland VoivodeshipThe voivodeship includes excerpts Western Carpathians and the Maopolska Upland. It is also the western part of the historical and geographical land called Malopolska. Krakow, the capital of the Malopolska and the province, lies exactly at the intersection of 20 East meridian and the 50th parallel north.Until March 1596, Krakow was the Polish capital and the seat of Polish kings. Today is the capital of voivodship and central metropolitan center of Cracow agglomeration. In the historical records is considered the main city of historical Malopolska. The historical function of Krakow involves full and legally recognized by the Council of Ministers official name: Capital Royal City of Krakow.Lesser Poland Voivodeship, as the only, has the right to have in their coat of arms emblem of the Polish State, that is, a white eagle with a crown, with her head turned to the left on a red background. So remains is traditionally of its the depository.Warszawa - Teatr WielkiRzeszw z lotu ptaka

Krakw - aerial view

Krakw - aerial view

The Krakow Old Town is surrounded by a green ring called the Planty Park (or Krakowskie Planty), gently separating the city center from the noisy outside world.

The Planty in Krakow

The Planty in Krakow

Winter morning in the Planty


Market and St. Mary's Church, on the right church St. Wojciech

Krakow Market Square and Cloth Hall

Krakw - Barbican

Florian Gateand the Barbican those are preserved to this day, remains of defensive walls of Cracow

Krakw - Juliusz Sowacki Theatre

Krakw - Juliusz Sowacki Theatre

Krakw St. Joseph church

Krakw - Corpus Christi church

Wawel HillRoyal Castle

Krakw Royal Castle

Wawel Castle - courtyard

Wawel Castle -the throne room

Wawel Castle - the royal apartments

Bedroom of king's guests

Wawel Castle - the Eagle Hall

Wawel CathedralHere are buried the kings of Poland from Wadysaw I okietek for Augustus II the Strongas well as other distinguished Poles

Wawel Cathedral - The altarpiece of Wit Stwosz,St. Mary's altar is the largest Gothic altarpiece in the World and a national treasure of Poland

The tomb of King Casimir the Great

Sarcophagus of Saint Queen Jadwiga

Tombs of the commander-in-chief of Thaddeus Kosciuszko and of Prince Jozef Poniatowski

National Bards crypt at Wawel Cathedral

Crypt with the coffinof Marshal Jozef Pilsudski

Tomb of Presidential Couples

Jagiellonian UniversityUniversity (Studium Generale) was founded in 1364 in Kazimierz on the Vistula River from the foundation of Casimir III the Great and renovated in 1400 in Krakow by Wladyslaw II Jagiello from the foundation of Jadwiga of Anjou. In 1817 it was given the name of the Jagiellonian to emphasize its ties with the dynasty.

Collegium Maius The oldest building of the Cracow Academy, located on the corner of St. Anna street and the Jagiellonian in Krakow. Currently in this building there is a Jagiellonian University Museum.Collegium Maius

Collegium Maius - courtyard

Collegium Maius - courtyard

Collegium Maius interior (Stuba Communis )

The Aula at the Collegium Maius of the Jagiellonian University

Aula of the Collegium Novum

Collegium Novum

Tadeusz Kociuszko Monument in Krakw

Krakow, Market Square - a monument of Adam Mickiewicz

Tyniec - Benedictine Abbey

Monastery and St. Mary Basilica in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Mansions in Malopolska: Manor in Jaszczrowa

Manor in Klecza Dolna

Manor in Klecza Grna

Manor in Kopytwka

Manor in Paszkwka

Manor in Wadowice

Manor in Stryszw

The interior of the manor, living room

The interior of the manor, bedroom

Tarnw - Old Town, town hall

Nowy Scz - Royal Castle Ruins

Town Hall in Nowy Scz

The world-famous underground tourist route of the Wieliczka Salt Minethis is about 3 km of galleries and 20 chambers, located at depths from 64 to 135 meters

The chapel of St. Kinga, carved in decks of salt

The chapel of St. Kinga

Gorce mountains

Hala Duga and Turbacz - the highest peak of Gorce

Shelter at Turbacz

Nowy Targ is located at the foot of the Gorce between the White Dunajec and the Black Dunajec

Tatry Mountains

Zakopane - "Winter Capital" of Poland

Zakopane springboard the Average Krokiew

Zakopane highlander homestead

Zakopane Chapel at Jaszczurowka

Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Zakopane at Krzeptwki

Pksowy Brzyzek National Cemetery in Zakopane

The grave of John Pksa - founder of the cemetery

Monument of Sabaaand the bust of Titus Chaubiski

Complex reservoirs Czorsztyn-Niedzica (foreground) and in a depth of Sromowce Wyne

Castle Czorsztyn

Castle Niedzica

KrynicaZdrj - Health Resort

Krynica Zdrj - new spa houses and holiday homes

Poprad River - the right and largest tributary of Dunajec

Pieniny - bend of Poprad

The view from the Rytro castle at the bridges on the Poprad

Piwniczna-Zdrj - pump-room of mineral waters "Piwniczanka"

Szczawnica resort - town center

Nowy Winicz Castle

Castle in New Winicz

Prdnik Valley - Ojcowski National Park, Pieskowa Skaa Castle

Pieskowa Rock - Castle

Ojcowski National Park - Castle Rock Pieskowa

Courtyard and cloisters

Castle Interiors

Pieskowa Rock - Castle Garden

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