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    Irle rolls for the plastic and rubber industry areproduced by experienced and qualified specialists according to most modern metallurgical and manu-facturing guidelines.Plastic calender rolls from WAlZeN Irle fulfill thehighest quality requirements of the plastic industry.Our certified quality management ensures supervi-sion and testing of all manufacturing steps thuscontributing to the excellent reputation of our rollsin operations worldwide.

    Our technically oriented sales specialists discuss solutions and developments for all sortsof challenges of the plastic and rubber industry with our customers.



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    2007 implementation of a complete new production linefor heavy rolls

    2007 founding of a new company with the Indian partnerKay Jay rolls in Panchkula, India, to produce smallrolls for the food industry and stretch reducing rollsfor the tube and wire industry

    2009 worldwide already 100 heavy plate mill rolls, pro-duced with the vertical spin cast machine, are run-ning in customers mills

    2010 WAlZeN Irle celebrates its 190th anniversary asa roll manufacturer

    1693 start of casting and machining of iron parts by Jo-hannes Irle

    1820 founding year of the iron foundry in Marienbornand casting of the first chilled cast iron roll

    1848 purchase of the idle silver and lead works in Deuz,today Irle plant I

    1854 founding year of the "Hermann Irle" company1884 start of the production of paper calender rolls1903 purchase of the idle flour mill at the outskirts of

    Deuz, today Irle plant II1906 start of production of heavy rolls1920 casting of the first cast steel roll1950 casting of the first nodular iron roll1957 manufacturing of the first peripherally drilled roll

    for the plastic industry1960 complete new construction of plant I1969 purchase of the roll foundry of Krauss-Maffei, a

    machine builder for the plastic and rubber industry.This widened the entrance to the market of plasticand rubber rolls.

    1972 building of state of the art foundry and mouldingshop

    1981 market launch of the WAlZeN Irle material OrTfor rolls for the food industry

    1985 WAlZeN Irle introduces the peripherally drilledroll to the paper industry

    1989 development of coated thermal calender rollsmade of forged steel

    2000 development of the Irle-Auto-lock-System2000 market launch of hot grinding procedures and hot

    balancing for paper and plastic calender rolls2001 development of the WAlZeN Irle S-Technology

    to optimize the geometry of heated calender rollsunder operating conditions

    2005 extensive equipment investments for the pro-duction of spin casted heavy plate rolls, roughingrolls and for the production of hot strip rolls at thefacility in Deuz

    2006 assembly of the world's largest vertical spin cast-ing machine (up to 100 t casting weight)

    2007 production start of the new vertical spin castingmachine

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    Irle thermo calender rolls are used for the production of ABS foils, flooring, office supplyfoils, roofing foils, decorative foils, landfill and pool foils and tarps, insulating foils, artificialleather, truck canvas, coatings, packaging material, soft and hard PVC sheets etc. in 3roll, 4 roll and 5 roll calenders or melting calenders. Depending on the application ourrolls are manufactured either from cast iron using the single or compound casting me-thod, statically or centrifugally casted, or from forged steel. They are equipped with dif-ferent heating or cooling systems by means of peripheral bores, they can have a coatingor hard chrome plating, ground according to the best surface smoothness.


    WAlZeN Irle supplies heated and cooled rolls for shredding, mixing and calenderingof rubber material for the production of tires, straps, bands, conveyor belts, rubberprofiles, sealings, gaskets, hoses, mats, pads etc. Our rolls are in operation in breakerstacks, mixing calenders and rubber calenders.


    WAlZeN Irle supplies heated and cooled rolls for the productionof gasket sheets which are for example being used in the auto-motive industry but also in the aerospace industry.


    even though we can provide every type of sealing for the peri-pheral bores the Irle plug is an especially reliable design.


    WAlZeN Irles design engineering department utilizes the mostmodern tools such as Finite element Analysis for supporting custo-mers already in the planning phase of a new machine or of therebuild of an existing one. Besides the creation of engineering draw-ings and order documentation the following areas are covered aswell: technical counseling and engineering support technical support of the sales department engineering of parts according to customer specification analysis of strength, toughness and stresses etc. optimization of parts according to customer requirements



    Calender rolls provide an important basis for the successof a profitable rubber or plastic production.A flawless and precise roll geometry, uniform temperaturedistribution, accuracy of surface and mechanical charac-teristics are the key factors for the runnability of the totalproduction machine and marketability of your product.Being fully aware of these responsibilities, we work on themetallurgy, on the design and on the machining and wecontinuously develop advanced production methods andprocedures. We develop and manufacture oil heated, water heated andcooled thermo rolls with optimal properties as individualsolutions for customer specific requirements. Our range ofroll materials is based on technical expertise and experiencefrom about 200 years of research and development andthousands of successful roll projects for plastic, rubber,paper, steel and other roll applications.

    each roll material is adjustable to match optimal the operat -ing conditions of the customers individual application.

    `=~=~~ surface hardness measurement according to leeB, Vik-

    kers, Brinell and Shore C perthometer inspection for surface roughness equipment to measure bending and tensile strength pro-

    perties a most modern dynamic balancer equipped for hot ba-

    lancing operations turning lathes and grinders (including hot grinding) equip-

    ped with special devices for measuring concentricity,runout, roll shape, etc.

    close quality assurance according to DIN ISO 9001 byGerman TV


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    application: two- or multi-roll calenders heating/cooling medium: mainly thermal oil or water flow principle: MonoPass system (peripheral bores close

    to surface with integrated patented turbulators) max. surface temperature: 200 C optimal temperature distribution over the circumference optimally adjustable temperature distribution over the

    barrel width and the circumference due to S-Technology(see page 15)

    aq ~=aq=p

    application: two- or multi-roll calenders heating/cooling medium: mainly thermal oil or water flow principle: DuoPass system (peripheral bores close

    to the surface, in case of DuoPass S with integrated pa-tented turbulators)

    peripheral drills far from roll surface max. surface temperature exceeding 200 C good temperature distribution over the barrel width optimally adjustable temperature distribution over the

    barrel width and the circumference due to the optionalS-Technology (see page 15)


    application: two- or multi-roll calenders heating/cooling medium: mainly thermal oil or water flow principle: TriPass system (peripheral bores either

    close to the surface or farther inside, in case of TriPass Swith integrated patented turbulators)

    peripheral drills far from or close to roll surface max. surface temperature 160 C optimally adjustable temperature distribution over the

    barrel width and the circumference due to the optionalS-Technology (see page 15)



    Thermo rolls from WAlZeN Irle with peripheral bores for the heating/coolingmedium with the proven flow principles MonoTherm S, DuoTherm or TriPassare successfully operating in all calender types with two or more rolls.

    The WAlZeN Irle S-Technology was developed in order to optimize thesheet profile and create a most even temperature distribution on the rollsurface around the circumference and the barrel width of the plastic or rubbercalender rolls.

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    Chilled cast iron rolls, single or compound material, casted stati-cally or centrifugally, consist of cementite, ledeburite and the me-tallic base material matrix (Perlite). Surface hardness and wearresistance is depending on the percentage of cementite in the ma-trix and the constellation of the matrix.


    The main metallurgical feature of the statically or centrifugally ca-sted indefinite rolls is the material matrix which is directed radiallyfrom the roll surface to the core. Cementite and graphite are arran-ged in arrays perpendicular to the roll surface. This makes indefi-nite rolls best suitable for applications where high wear resistance,high mechanical or thermal requirements are important.


    Nodular iron rolls contain free graphite in spherical form whichmakes this material stronger and tougher than cast iron materialswith graphite in lamella form.Depending on the required wear resistance KSTrolls contain besidesthe spherical graphite different amounts of cementite in the matrix.An even higher wear resistance will be achieved by induction har-dening.


    Depending on the chemical composition and the heat treatmentrolls from cast steel consist of a perlitic or bainitic matrix. T