Walney Extension offshore wind farm

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Walney Extension offshore wind farm Meeting with the Planning Inspectorate Bristol 1 st March 2013
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Walney Extension offshore wind farm. Meeting with the Planning Inspectorate Bristol 1 st March 2013. Offshore Work Plan. Northern cable route option removed Southern cable option that runs south of Lune Deep Special Area of Conservation (SAC) has been selected. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Walney Extension offshore wind farm

Walney Extension offshore wind farmMeeting with the Planning InspectorateBristol1st March 2013

Offshore Work Plan

Northern cable route option removed

Southern cable option that runs south of Lune Deep Special Area of Conservation (SAC) has been selected.

Onshore Works Plan (Draft)3

Walney Extension High Level Time plan update

Design Changes - onshore and intertidal5Selection of final substation location and increase in height of substation structures

Amendments to cable landfall location and working corridor width in salt marsh

Realignment of the onshore cable route, inclusion of a section of cable connecting into the NGET substation, an additional cable spur to connect the export cable into the Project substation, and identification of specific working areas and access routes/points

Design Changes - offshore6Increase in monopile foundation diameter from 8m to 9mAddition of suction caisson foundation to jacket structures supporting wind turbinesIncreased burial depth for inter-array cablesChanges to location of offshore export cable corridorInclusion of 8MW turbine within design envelope (no change in maximum dimensions of turbines)

Design Changes - Consultation7Community consultation event, Middleton Parish Hall, 25th February 2013

Design changes memorandum circulated to S42 and S44 consultees 28th February 2013

Document placed on website, and notification sent to all S47 consultees 4th March 2013

Conflicts with Local Authority pre-election purdah8Cumbria and Lancashire County Council elections scheduled for May 2013Purdah commencing end March 2013Pre-purdah presentation to Cumbria County Council local committees are currently scheduled for 8th, 22nd and 27th MarchLancashire County Council to advise whether their members require a presentation prior to purdah

Key issues for discussion:Visual impactsEconomic opportunities, and socio-economic issues and benefitsCommunity benefits

Sediment / spoil disposal approach9Insufficient information pre-application to assess impacts of dredging for gravity base / suction caisson foundationsApproach to disposal within the windfarm site, or at an existing registered disposal site not confirmedA range of foundation types to be applied for and assessed in ES final project design not confirmed, therefore need for dredging and disposal not confirmedMMO have approved approach for this to be consented under a separate Marine Licence

Habitat Regulations Assessment10HRA being completed in accordance with Advice Note 10 (January 2013)HRA Screening & Scoping report issued in October 2012Consultation ongoing with key stakeholdersDraft HRA Report to be issued SNCBs including SNH, CCW, DoE Northern Ireland, NPWS Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, local authorities, RSPB & PINSKey HRA issues:Manx shearwater displacement (alone and in-combination with other OWF)Construction impacts on birds using intertidal in Morecambe Bay SPA/RamsarConstruction impacts on saltmarsh habitat from cable landfall worksCollision impacts on lesser black-backed gull colonies (Ribble & Alt Estuaries SPA / Ramsar) - in combination with other Irish Sea zone owf and other plans and projectsAssessment of collision impact on migratory whooper swan and pink-footed goose

Project Team & Contact DetailsWalney Extension Offshore Wind Farm

DONG Energy Walney Extension (UK) Ltd.33 Grosvenor Place BelgraviaLondonSW1X 7HY

Tel: 0207 811 5235Web: www.walneyextension.co.ukE-mail: [email protected]